PHP Tutorial – Extend Class Object Oriented Programming OOP

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Learn to extend your base class with a subclass in PHP object oriented programming.


12 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial – Extend Class Object Oriented Programming OOP”

  1. Since he probably won't reply or already has a video on this: document.getElementById('scrollmenu').onclick = document.getElementById('dropdown').style.display = "block";
    Just create a stylesheet and set the display to none. Then go wild with the CSS

  2. How does $p1_inv get tied back to the player 1 object? I realize you used a $this in array push, but still not seeing how this generic $p1_inv is knowing to push it to specifically the $p1 object!

  3. Hi Adam
    Can you make a video about how to create a horizontal scroll menu?
    What I want to create is a menu like youtube, when you click on your account name (top right corner) you see that your playlist opens
    its a menu where you have two arrows. One on the left side and the other one on the right side
    I hope this explanation is clear


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