iPhone 6, Ray Rice, and a GIVEAWAY! #SLTV

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Hi again! I’ve missed you guys so much!

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Story links:

Apple, Apple, Apple: http://ow.ly/Bop3u
Ray Rice: http://ow.ly/Boock
5 Crazy Ways Social Media Affects Your Brain: http://ow.ly/BoogX
Emojli: http://ow.ly/BoorG
Snapchat Settlement: http://ow.ly/BooLf
Net Neutrality Protest: http://ow.ly/BooOZ
iCloud Leaker: http://ow.ly/BooUP

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45 thoughts on “iPhone 6, Ray Rice, and a GIVEAWAY! #SLTV”

  1. I really want this iPhone! My last phone died a year ago. Now, I have the most shittyest phone ever! The wifi does'nt work, and I can't download any apps! And this iPhone is very nice! Not gonna lie. I watch your vids from the beginning. Just saying 🐝. So. That's my story. Bye 👋 P.s. Is the giveaway stil open?

  2. I just got a Livescribe for use teaching calculus!  My next one (this one?) is dedicated to my 3-year-old and making new practice opportunities for reading, writing, and math.

    Did you know there are kids' products with this sort of technology embedded, like the Leapfrog Tag? We live in a wonder world!

  3. We'll done! Like the topics you presented and how you presented them. Careful with your editing though, sometimes the cut is coming just a titch too quickly. Think about using a GFX or something in between stories too just to give yourself a beat, especially when changing topics from wife beating to dumb tweets to tech talk. Like the fast paced nature, don't change that, just smooth it out a bit. Love love love the idea of a giveaway, you sure got my attention as someone who loves writing brainstorm notes, being able to have those immediately available electronically would be amazing. Ok! I'm subscribed and eager to see your next vids. We'll done Sunny!

  4. I would use the LiveScribe 3 pen to help me take notes for my book on the legal implications/protections questions that have arisen from social media's popularity.

  5. Great video! I would use this amazing pen for my studies and new job as I've been look at ways to record lectures/ meetings and with my busy schedule having a piece of tech that can transform my written text to digital, would just be amazing. All that time saved ahhhh 😍. I love technology!!!
    I look forward for your next video and welcome back! ☺

  6. I been tempted, i used my girls iPhone, its pretty cool. But this one by far blows everything, i thought i knew what was the best. Its far the greatest phone ever built, i believe. I never owned a iPhone before, but for reasons, i have become obsessed with this phone and i don't seem to shut up about it lol my next phone would be this, this is it for me.. i want one

  7. That pen is awesome! I'd use it for writing out new ideas for my show or jotting down notes for this book I want to write. There's something so much more appealing about actually writing than just typing. You can get your thoughts out faster in short form through a pen.

  8. SO psyched you are back doing videos. I would check your channel every week for a new one. 🙂 

    That smartpen is seriously awesome. I kept to the good ol' fashioned way of taking notes in university but am finding it difficult not to switch to digital in professional meetings as it's just so easy. This would totally help me resist that urge and stay true to my notebooks while still staying digital. 

    Looking forward to the upcoming videos! 

    xo Ali

  9. Great video, Sunny! Also, thanks again for coming into BCIT to speak to the Radio arts and entertainment program students 🙂 That pen would be a DEFINITE lifesaver for note taking and project work!

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