If I use a ccTLD, can I indicate my geographic location is not in that country?

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We have a vanity domain (http://ran.ge) that unfortunately isn’t one of the generic TLDs, which means we can’t set our geographic target in Webmaster Tools. Is there any way to still target our proper location?
AaronDCampbell, Phoenix, AZ

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30 thoughts on “If I use a ccTLD, can I indicate my geographic location is not in that country?”

  1. *I realised .cat is a gTLD now i played with it in wmtools. My bad.

    You can't have been trying to buy it for that long because i never got an offer from you… I can't see myself selling the coolest domain hack on the planet in a hurry though.

  2. I have fat.cat and i decided to use it for a blog food from Barcelona 🙂 – that gets mostly Russian traffic though and hardly any from Catalonia so work that one out… It's in Catalan not Russian!

    What would be the problem to enable some sort of function where i can take off the country focus in web master tools and give it a global focus? As long as the site has a version in Catalan isn't everyone happy there?

    It's my favourite name but kinda useless unless I'm in Barcelona

  3. Hi Matt, I know your video is from Feb 2013. Google has more info as of May 2013 here:
    support.google. com /webmasters/answer/1347922

    "Google treats some ccTLDs as gTLDs, as we've found that users and webmasters frequently see these more generic than country-targeted"

    .io was on the list.

    My question is, what is the disadvantage of letting the Webmaster tell Google that a ccTLD has the USA as the target? It could be .fr .de .in, etc. Target could still be the USA.


  4. More than anything else… quality content will push you through all these weird guidelines/etc… Just make sure that you're content provides TONS OF VALUE and you'll find that none of these even matters.

  5. I dont think its fair to penalise people for use of TLD in a creative manner. And this is a penalisation in real terms (not showing up in google)
    On the one hand you have recently reduce the effectiveness of keywords in domains and with this you send a mixed message.

  6. I am not an expert in SEO, I kept reading and found a good set to hack domains: "Hack domains have a decisive advantage, are hack domains very memorable and are also good (print media) applied there is no need search engine more …"
    Okay! Yes hack domains include the domain extension in the domain name! An entry in a search engine is the same input in the address bar! Moment! 😉
    understandable that Google and SEO experts tend to reject these domains … both would be redundant!

  7. So Matt what's going to happen when google gets all these new TLDs like .app .shop .books .store .lol? are they going to be able to be bought or rented by people or is google just going to horde them and use them for their own products?

  8. This time I missed an honest -"We're doing our best for handling creative usage of non TLDs" rather than this -"You are not using these ccTLD in their proper way"
    Yes you are within big players if not The Big Player but Google's cookbook for using the Internet is becoming intrusive when some people want to step out of the track.

  9. Google is lagging behind on a lot of fronts. For example, listings in Google Places for businesses like contractors that serve customers at their homes or business locations.

  10. So Google make a determination that some TLD's are region specific and some allow setting the region of the business in webmaster tools. So by being creative (and unusual) you may be stuck in the wrong country..?
    I therefor ask google to allow all TLD's to have their location changeable in webmaster tools and set by the domain owner – what's the harm in allowing that?

  11. This problem goes back years. I have had hudson.nu since 1998 and only really use it for email. I disagree with him about .li though. I am not convinced there are more .li web sites about Lichtenstein than other subjects.

  12. The problem with the video is not that zou do not get an answer, as he basiclz says no. And explains why google keeps it that way. Disappointing is the fact that google seems to not willing to do some extra evalutation on a site for geo location besides looking on two letters. If a site is not at all related to a region a TLD is related to than google should be capable to see this. There are a bunch of facts one could take in account to decide this. Language, Geo meta tags, links and backlinks.

  13. Honestly I think Google is lagging behind a little on creative usage of TLDs. If you have the ability to let *some* TLDs opt-out of local targeting, what keeps you from extending this to all domains? I understand having local targeting be the default for many TLDs, but an opt-out in webmaster tools seems like it would be a huge win. After all, we're *definitely* not the only people doing this with our domain.

  14. Guess that means anyone who wants to register 44Fboobi.es is going to have to find some Latina models.

    Personally, I think the problem here isn't the interpretation of the domain name…it's that they're too easy and inexpensive to acquire. If you want to preserve domain names and void vanity domain registration (which is along the lines of license plates as far as being silly is concerned), make a 5-year registration the minimum.

  15. Yeah – This trend is going to keep growing and not stop. It seems you kinda admitted that. It isn't like we have a whole new .com batch to grab, so it's going to get worse and not better.

    The point I DO like is that you said that you look at te data and see the geography has the #s at the moment. So I would guess that means that eventually that won't be the case and the "original intent" will go out the window. We just have to wait it out OR Google could do us a solid and put it in GWT.

  16. No offense but this isn't a great answer. You didn't answer why webmasters can't set a domain to another country, if the website is not for that country…

  17. So the answer is no, there is nothing you can do in GWT to help this. That is really bad, they should change this considering all the new domains with unique TLDs that are being created.

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