How to Use Disappearing Content for Business

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How is the disappearing content on Snapchat and Instagram Stories taking my business to new heights? I’m showing you exactly how to use these platforms to your advantage in this episode of The Sunny Show!



How to Break the Instagram Algorithm –

10 Ways to Grow Your Snapchat Following Cheat Sheet –

How to Use Instagram Stories VS Snapchat for Business:

How to Get More Followers on Social Media:…


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40 thoughts on “How to Use Disappearing Content for Business”

  1. Hi Sunny. Do you have any tips for how you create your email mailing lists. How do you collect those emails, how do you use them, how do you grow them.

    Any tips would be super helpful.



  2. I haven't started using instagram yet but this has me totally inspired to get going. I'm looking for new ways to help my audience and increase my engagement on Instagram and you made it seem so simple….

  3. I've been sharing helpful tips on instagram stories and driving traffic to other social media! Oh I love the tell a story part! I'll have to work on that! LOVE the coupons too! Thanks for the tips Sunny!

  4. i got a totally different question.
    i saw your video how 2 use canva and picmonkey. I can not save the picture anymore picmonkey i have 2 registrated and it doesnt allowed it 2 save on my comp. do you have the same problem ?0

  5. Thanks Sunny, great tips! (My favorite part is the intro, though, not the VFX 🙂 )

    Do you want to do a video on the same topic but in the context of freelancers/personal brands? It'd be so good to hear your thoughts on how to capitalize on these platforms when you don't have a big business, brand, or service to use, just yourself. 🙂

  6. Hi Sunny,
    Love your videos. Great content and super helpful as always.
    I have a questions though… I am very fortunate in that I already am doing a job that I love, however in order to take the next step and move to a much larger scale I needed to start being more active on social media. A couple of months ago I started on YouTube and This week finally started on Instagram, but without it reaching a massive following, it is tough to justify all the time it takes to create all this content when it takes me away from the actual work portion of my job where I get paid.
    What do you suggest?

  7. Hi +sunny lenarduzzi i found your channel about 2 weeks ago and kinda cant stop watching. awesome content.
    if you need free Background piano music, contact me 😊 😉 keep up the good work

  8. Great video Sunny! I love these ideas for using Snapchat and Instagram stories. I really like the idea of exclusive content for them. What a great idea. I'm going to try it out today.

  9. Nooicee! Valuable video Sunny – and I like that intro haha!

    My favorite takeaway is #3 because I've seen tons of successful marketers leverage it.

    For instance – they only reveal certain things on certain media channels, so they can increase their following, but more importantly get the same crowd consuming their content in different places.

    I actually thought this was going to be geared towards repurposing content, but I see how you've displayed these strategies in a different way; good stuff. I need to hop on documenting life through IG stories.

    Something else that I think is important for #1 is getting very good at telling stories, learning from masters, and understanding what makes good/bad ones. We're hardwired for stories – and legendary copywriters like John Carlton show us how we can use them for business and sales letters etc.

    Keep up the great work!

    Motive In Motion

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