How to Program Code Syntax Highlighter Using JavaScript

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Lesson Code:
Learn to begin programming a custom code syntax highlighter for displaying code in a document with colored highlights and other code styling features.
1. You may not like how much existing syntax highlighters slow down your documents.
2. You may want to gain reputation by offering your finished program to others online.
3. You may just want a few key features instead of a very bulky program like most syntax highlighters are.
4. You may get a certain satisfaction from programming it yourself.
5. You may have this as a programming assignment in your school.
6. You may want to learn more and get better at Regular Expression programming for web projects. Completing a syntax highlighter program will assure that you gain experience and knowledge dealing with regular expression logic.


34 thoughts on “How to Program Code Syntax Highlighter Using JavaScript”

  1. Firstly I would like to appreciate your amazing effort to make this video
    Can you please make a video or refer me, how to do this task with "textarea" tag instead of "code" tag.
    I don't want to use code mirror,
    Thnaks in advance

  2. sir we have made a custome website in php,, now we want to publish posts from control panel that have multiple image….
    that is some text comes before image and some text need to have after image includingly many images in one post. but we don't know how to do it dynamicly(from control panel) not in hard code…
    please give us easiest way to do it…

  3. Hello, I have an exercise to make my own chat server and to implement the protocol so that I can connect to my own chat client. I need to do this in Java. Can you please help me? Do you have any video about it or do you have any other tutorial that I can follow?

  4. good day sir . Could you help me do my project about scrolling status bar messages.. its very difficult because i finish type the code using the notepad but sad to say there's no effect in the browser im using. im using google chrome ..
    please…. thank you sir

  5. thanks a lot Mr.Adam
    i have a question about how to make a popup that allow users to choose their own language before starting browsing the website is that possible in wordpress please guide me

  6. Bro! I just want to let you know that I have happen to bump in to one of your older videos and brought some nostalgic feeling. I think it had to do with the muffled audio quality that was in the video, it was kind of your signature. Haha. Im glad you are still doing what you love. I started following way back somewhere in 2008, 19 at the time. I learned so much from you: PHP, how all adobe products work together, even Flash, years before Apple decided not to use it on their products. Haha. Time goes by really fast does it? Cheers my friend! You are awesome!

  7. Good Day to you Mr. Khoury! I really need help on reading plist files that I got from my skype. I sync my iPhone and all these plist and xml files showed up and I don't know how to read it. I'm sorry for messaging you here publicly about my concern but I am very desperate and I need help pls. Thank you

  8. Thank you mister Khoury, very clear and understandable tutorial, you speak clearly, calmly!, a good thing for a non-native English people, a good starter for playing with the Regular Expressions.

  9. Adam, no one like you. I have a problem and only a master like yourself could solve. I have an html doc and I want when someone clicks on a word anywhere in a div the word highlighted can be parsed to a function. How can the event handler grab that word.

  10. It forces you to learn regular expressions? Why would you need to be forced to learn regular expressions? I find them to be quite fun, I don't need to be forced to learn them. Figuring out how to use better and better regular expressions is always a good challenge.

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