38 thoughts on “Global reddit Meetup Day 2015”

  1. Guys I want to ask you: Why you hate Reddit? Why this video have 156 dislikes & video 10 years of reddit too? I'm new at reddit & I really want to ask what happend before that. Thanks.

  2. these better safe spaces for my 27 different triggers 9 of which are related to foods commonly seen at outdoor picnics or ill sue you

    but maybe ill finally get to meet my srs besties as long as the events are mobility-scooter accessible

  3. Why is /r/TwoXChromosomes the only default for political advocacy?

    Reddit is not a place to share your opinion unless your opinion aligns with that of the admins and power moderators.  Reddit is dead.  Long live Voat

  4. "Sir, I think the autism-radar is broken. It shows this bright spot on the map and all the instrumetns are going haywire. These numbers can't be right!"

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