Explain Like I’m Five: The Crisis in Syria

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Hosts: Michael Kayne and Langan Kingsley
Kids: Gabriella Tkaczuk,Santino D’Amico, John O’Brien, Dylan Ryley
Written and directed by Jared Neumark
Produced by Dan De Lorenzo
Shot by Alonso Homs
Animation by Michael Antonucci
Music by Sean Hannigan
Intro Jingle by Doug Widdick


46 thoughts on “Explain Like I’m Five: The Crisis in Syria”

  1. Just what we need. Liberal white kids pretending to understand something they couldn't possibly begin to understand thanks to the fantasy world they've put themselves into. the first world is clueless

  2. couldn't watch more than a minute of this. The tone they use is so patronizing, to the point of condescension. Speaking to a five-year old doesn't mean that you speak to them like they're an idiot. You speak normally but simplify the concepts and make them clear and concise.

  3. Way to go, propaganda at its best!
    I'm not saying Assad is good, but at least we all know what America is behind.
    NWO? Israel wanting more land? I really do think so!
    Why was there an ease of immigration (acceptance into the US and Canada) for Palestinians? Obviously to dramatically decrease the total population of Palestinians for Israelis to take over.
    Oh guess what, countries and like Sweden and France are accepting so many Syrians in right now granting them instant citizenship.
    Syria's fall could mean so much for so many, it's said that Iran and Turkey are fighting over Aleppo, and Israel wants the rest of the Golan heights and beyond and then there's a few of oil left for the US to swallow etc…
    Oh and ISIS? That thing could be gone in the blink of an eye just like Saddam and Bin Laden did.

  4. This is an incredibly ignorant analysis of the crisis in Syria.  I have a 2-part video on my channel on my page that explains to roots of the Arab Spring and how Western powers conspired to bring down Mr. Al-Assad (who is actually beloved by his people.  I would know, because, unlike the idiots in this video, I actually talk to real Syrians).

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