Cheech & Chong Welcome Message for The Munchies 2013

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Happy 4/20, Ents! Thanks for being a part of the 2013 Munchies Awards. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated.

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Try to take some time out of your day to check out two important causes:
– Ask your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor H.R. 1523, The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act

– Also, check out Mind Gardens Project, a non-profit initiative started by Snoop Lion with the goal of establishing sustainable, organic community gardens that will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to school aged children in the community.

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24 thoughts on “Cheech & Chong Welcome Message for The Munchies 2013”

  1. Not "wrong" your right, I think the side effects are more important than the reason anyway. We all know what it offers and hopefully we will start to see some changes that Obama promised. LOL (I can't stop laughing)

  2. Actually it was a few reasons but the paper/fuel was not a reason it was a side effect. The 1930's temperance movement lobbied congress on the basis that the undesirable Mexican migrant worker was connected to the "drug" and the eradication of the WILD hemp should be a priority. It took them about 4 years to pull most wild hemp out of the environment.

  3. When I was 8 years old (1999), I used to have nightmares where a man that looked like Chong (in that year) would convert in a giant cockroach and chase me in my room, and all this happened before I started to smoke weed.
    I am today terrified of cockroaches.

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