An SEO Checklist for New Sites – Whiteboard Friday – Search Engine Optimization

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Hundreds of thousands of new domains are registered every day. Starting out with search engine optimization and keeping a well-optimized site after publishing will give your site a huge advantage over sites that weren’t built with SEO in mind. Our PRO members requested an SEO checklist that SEOs can use when optimizing new sites. Here it is!

Check out the blog post for the full video transcription:


13 thoughts on “An SEO Checklist for New Sites – Whiteboard Friday – Search Engine Optimization”

  1. Hey Rand, hope your doing good!

    In my rushy need to rank well I submitted my site to dubious directories and some other dodgy sites appear to be pointing at me without me asking them for it. How could I excuse myself before Google, hehe, or correct these mistakes?

    I've tried to contact the dubious linkers but of course they won't even reply!

    Thanks in advance. Great job btw and keep it up!

  2. awesome stuff, this is what I've been looking for, I love the big picture stuff of course, but right now I'm looking for more practical 'this is whatcha do' advice as I learn!

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