13 Plugins and Tips to Improve WordPress Admin Area

Text version of this tutorial:

Do you want to customize the WordPress admin area? Maybe you want to change the default color scheme, add your own branding, or even add a new help section for clients? In this video, we will show you 13 plugins and tips to improve the admin area.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

The first one is change your admin color scheme and this one allows you to switch from the default black to one of eight built in color schemes for your profile.

The next tip is to use the admin color schemer which lets you completely customize your color scheme to something you prefer.

#3 is to set the default admin color scheme for all users by adding this bit of code to your functions page.

#4 is a list of 7 admin themes you can use for WordPress.

#5 is to hide unnecessary items from the admin area with the Adminimize plugin.

The next tip is to add custom links to the WordPress toolbar.

#7 is limit dashboard access in WordPress by using the remove dashboard access plugin.

#8 is the secret options page in WordPress admin.

#9 you can change the admin footer text but adding a bit of code to your functions page.

#10 is the featured image column in admin area.

Next is the show or hide WordPress dashboard widgets.

#12 is the add wp help plugin which lets you add a help section for your site.

The last tip is how to remove WordPress.org links from the toolbar.


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