Validate your AdWords conversion tracking tag with Google Tag Assistant

In this video we’ll show you how to use Google Tag Assistant to validate that your AdWords Conversion tags are correctly implemented.
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0:00 Validating your AdWords conversion tags is a simple way to make sure that your tags are on your website and working correctly.

0:06 In this video we’ll show you how to use Google Tag Assistant to validate that your tags are correctly implemented.

0:14 Google Tag Assistant can help you in two ways

Firstly, it can show you what tags are on the page you are looking at

Secondly it will let you know if those tags are working correctly
If you’ve not already done so, install Google Tag Assistant in your Google Chrome browser.

0:24 If you are not using Google Chrome or you prefer a more manual approach, you can visit our developers site for different approaches

0:39 When you’re ready, load your website.

When Google Tag Assistant detects a tag on the page you’re currently looking at it will change colour and show the count of the number of tags it has found on the page.

0:51 Lets start by looking at an example product page that would have the AdWords Conversion tag on it.

Click on the Tag Assistant button to see a list of the tags it has found.

1:02 Take a moment to look at the colour of the button.

Red means there are critical implementation problems with the tag

Yellow means that are minor implementation problems

Blue means that your implementation is ok, but it could be improved, and Green means that your tag is perfect.

1:20 Click on the tag again to view more details.

If you have any warnings or errors listed, click on them to see more information about what you can do to fix or improve your tags.

1:36 You can also use Google Tag Assistant to check your other Google tags, like Google Analytics.

1:43 Now that you know how to validate your AdWords conversion tag, go to the chrome store and install Tag Assistant to validate your tags today.

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