Use Dynamic Search Ads to Reach Customers – Google Best Practices

Reaching people with relevant ads as they search for your products and services can be a moving target. Their queries evolve, your site changes, inventory shifts, you expand your business to new markets. Dynamic Search Ads can be an important tool to help you succeed when stuff changes.
In this video, we’ll cover a couple of key reasons to use Dynamic Search Ads:
1) Reaching customers without needing to maintain a keyword list, and
2) Taking advantage of customized ads.

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8 thoughts on “Use Dynamic Search Ads to Reach Customers – Google Best Practices”

  1. Been running a DSA campaign for 2 weeks now; not a single impression. The Google support people come up with a variety of reasons (including 'add keywords'…) none of which has worked. I am just about to give up.

  2. I mean DSA seems to be a great feature to get more traffic to your website, but most of it will be useless traffic which means high costs. Of course you have to exclude keywords and other things but managing DSA campaigns compared to normal search campaigns is way too much work for pretty much the same traffic – infact search will have more useful traffic. it's basically another quick way for Google to make more easy money because people will be confused at the beginning and bad at managing it. Come on a Google we all give you so much money give some useful stuff back to us.
    I think you guys should rather take over the longer headlines and descriptions to text ads and get rid of DSA. Additionally it will be too confusing for adwords beginners or even medium experienced people.

  3. Can DSA be tested with a keyword bid limit? More specifically, I'm thinking about running a test between DSA and non-DSA within Google Ad Grants to compare performance.

  4. I don't trust Google Adwords with anything less than exact matching for keywords. I've seen Adwords blow my entire budget in a month on 'guesses' with broad matching. They seem to take low quality volume and just blow it.

    Personally, I feel that letting Google guess with things like this is like paying them for SEO.

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