Social Media Marketing 2015

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Social Media Marketing Tips from digital marketing influencers around the world! From which social media sites to online marketing tips to social media strategy, here are the #1 Social Media Marketing tips you need!

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Jay Baer
Ahna Hendrix
Steve Dotto
Sean Gardner
Sue B Zimmerman
Vincenzo Landino
Grace Lanuza
Mr. Scott Eddy
Steph Be
Alex Cady Carter
Ed Newcomer
Joe Cardamone
Tamara Weeks
Dai Manuel

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36 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing 2015”

  1. Oh my goodness! Finally, I found a useful channel for my business. SUBSCRIBED! Great stuffs, by the way, Sunny. I hope you'll upload more useful stuffs!

  2. Social Media is an "AND" collaborative conversational medium not an "OR" conversational medium.

    At the end of the day, if you have something that can transform someone's life – you are going to be selling it.

    So to not get mistaken that the relationship at some point will be built on the basis of money, because if it was just friends – there would be no question of money at any point 

    So you should know your 1 – 10 pieces of information that could potentially hold your audience back and prevent them from going forward.

    These posts should go out across all the main social media platforms, else you will miss a lot of your audience.

    Then in and around those pieces of information, you can use meme's that rub on negative or positive pains and provide actionable support.

    Do not fool for spewing out tonnes of content, just because everyone is telling you to do so – you have to get realistic and value your audience's time.

  3. Love the idea of focusing on one platform at a time…a laser is more focused than a spray. Also, +Sunny Lenarduzzi is the best at responding via social media even though she has an army of followers!

  4. Remember that building on social media takes time. What you put in is what you get out, much like it was stated on the video. Don't get frustrated because you don't have 3000 followers in the first month. Give relevant and engaging content and the people will come. Also, the number one thing I ALWAYS teach people is one simple phrase, "If you tell them, they will come." To many times I have seen with clients that they do not tell people they are on social media and they get frustrated no one engages. Tell people you are on social media and they will join in on your networks.

  5. This was an awesome video! I was on location with Steph Be in Guatemala when she shot her portion and she is so right, be social.  Engage with YOUR audience that you are building.  Also, keep your branding consistent.  My brand is value luxury and adventure travel and I try not to deviate from that.

  6. Great video +Sunny Lenarduzzi, Thanks for putting all these great people and tips together! s/o to +Vincenzo Landino for pointing me to this post. I hit subscribe and can't wait to see what comes next!

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