Interviews Author Peter Straub

Horror Author Peter Straub answers the top 10 questions from the reddit community:
Big thanks to Peter for sharing so much of his time with our community! His new book “A Dark Matter” is available in book stores everywhere or online here:


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  1. JFK joked “I'm the man who accompanied Jackie Kennedy to Paris.” I just finished "Lost Boy Lost Girl" and it was great horror. Especially the house on 3323 Michigan Street! King is astoundingly good, and the joint Straub/King efforts (previously my only exposure to Straub) were great, but I will be reading MUCH more of Straub! Great interview, great writer! Thanks to Reddit for posting this!

  2. I have a completely fallacious point to make but could be true at a certain level.Peter
    Straub states that the character "Eel" in Dark Matter is based on a Lee Boudreaux.
    I feel it could also be based on the character Emily Proctor plays in Miami CSI. Her screen name is
    Cally Du quesne. In the sixties E.E.Doc Smith based his sci fi series on

    "Skylark" Duquesne.This is because at the end of the novel he calls Lee
    Truax skylark.

  3. I have finally ordered my copy of A DARK MATTER and really look forward to reading it. Mr. Straub is an American treasure. His two-volume AMERICAN FANTASTIC TALES from Library of American is a stunning anthology of great weird fiction, highly recommended!

  4. Really an amazing interview. The kind you'd listen to again when the writing laziness strikes, it felt true. The part where you say that you need to have a friend that understand what you do is, in part, accomplished by listening to this. It's really … satisfying? To know other writers do get to that "other place" to write. I felt less crazy a bit. 😉

    Thank you Peter Straub.

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