Minecraft + Microsoft, Urban Outfitters & more! #SLTV

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Hi again!

http://yourphonesexgirl.com/?p=2269 Comment on this video and tell me if you think Urban Outfitters made an honest mistake or it was a publicity stunt?

Story links:

Minecraft: http://ow.ly/BETIi
Urban Outfitters: http://ow.ly/BETMe
Apple: http://ow.ly/BETPU
#BringBackOurGirls: http://ow.ly/BEU51
Facebook: http://ow.ly/BETV6
Checky App: http://ow.ly/BEU0N
Cell Phone Lanes:http://ow.ly/BETXY
Selfie Hat: http://ow.ly/BEU9t

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8 thoughts on “Minecraft + Microsoft, Urban Outfitters & more! #SLTV”

  1. Okay, first I would like to say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    Sure, I didn't sell one of my games for 2.5 billion dollars, but winning stuff makes me feel almost as good. =)

    Now, on to the question at hand – either Urban Outfitters is grossly incompetent or horribly insensitive. Either way I will continue avoiding them.

  2. Urban Outfitters should be ashamed of themselves. Thoughtless bastards.

    please send the pen to my house… here's the address…

    Monica Harmse
    1234 Your Basement #1
    Stalkerville, BC

  3. Sunny — appreciate the Twitter follow, and enjoyed your videos here. Urban Outfitters — appears to be a pattern for them as opposed to a mistake. There is a difference between going to the edge and jumping off of it. Companies on the edge get noticed. Those that jump off tend to offend primarily because they cannot think of a better way to share their story.

    Look forward to your next report.

  4. Hard to think a company as big as Urban Outfitters would make a humongous error out there, considering most companies have specific PR departments just to prevent "blunders" like this.

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