LinkedIn NYC | Gary Vaynerchuck


Description: LinkedIn NYC is thrilled to welcome LinkedIn Influencer and internet famous social media master Gary Vaynerchuk to our offices for LinkedIn NYC’s Local Edition of the LinkedIn Speaker Series. As a leading innovator in social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses – join us to hear Gary’s take on where the world is going when it comes to business, upcoming trends, and more.


25 thoughts on “LinkedIn NYC | Gary Vaynerchuck”

  1. Dear LinkedIn – Just thought I'd point out that your title for this clip spells Gary's last name as "Vaynerchuck" instead of "Vaynerchuk" right now. Wanted to flag that to your YouTube team.

  2. First of all, I cannot believe this interview only has 8 comments. I think I probably watch 90% of everything Gary puts out – and this was some very new and unique material. Gary Vaynerchuk – thank you Brother!!

    Gary – If sitting meditation isn't your thing (as it wasn't for me) maybe moving meditation would be more your style. And by the way – it won't make you a different person, or rob you of your spunk! Meditation is just a pathway to self-awareness ( you've said you don't know how to teach self-awareness – meditation is part of how we teach it) I've been following you since Crush It came out, love and #RESPECT you for your take on the power of self-awareness. Corresponded many times last year with Maggie in benefits to bring Tai Chi to Vaynermedia via livestreaming (would still love to make that happen). Right now we deliver free Tai Chi via Facebook Live 6 days/week. Drop in anytime!

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