Let’s take a stand against online bullying!

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Special Edition of The Sunny Show in honour of Social Media Day 2016: As a part of #TeamTelus we have come together to actively try and put an end to online bullying.

Dilantin 100mg tablets So in today’s video I, along with some amazing friends, have put together our top tips on how to deal with online bullying and stop the haters.

Thanks so much to everyone who starred in this video:
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Let me know how you are going to take action in silencing the trolls & combatting against online bullying in the comments below!

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30 thoughts on “Let’s take a stand against online bullying!”

  1. sorry to put down your idea but i personally am a cyberbully when it comes down to it. when people are meam to me, i bully them constantly and i see it perfectly justified. i am not trying put down your thoughts, is just believe some buildings need to fall to build a bigger one

  2. You can't control what other people do, you can only control how you react. Ignore, block, delete, ban, never engage. They won't understand a thoughtful response – and an angry one will give them what they want, the ability to affect you. There are usually a lot more positive people to focus on.

  3. What was said in this video is so true, most adults don't understand cyber bullying so they don't take it seriously. When I was working at a teacher for 6th-8th graders I was told re than once that I was the only teacher who understood, who took it seriously, and who did something about it. It's a very serious subject! Thank you!

  4. I love this!! It's a really HUGE problem in Couchsurfing and when it comes to Couchsurfing and racism (which folks say isn't there, but there are LOTS of groups on Couchsurfing to prove that racism is very much alive and well…just like what happened in AirBnB with racism. Bully is not acceptable!

  5. Sunny, the link to the BYOB FB page works in this description box. I sent you a comment on the other video where it does not (lenardo's and lenardon'ts). I just sent my request 🙂

  6. HI THERE SUNNY ! well i subbed to ur channel cuz u helped me alot so i was just wonderin if u could do a shout out for me since im trying to improve this channel like u ! ur my inspiration my no.1 fan i really hope u read this and maybe consider it 🙂

  7. The cyber bullies are the ones using fake profiles. So I don't think it does follow them for the rest of their lives. However, some of their actions WILL most likely follow some of their victims for the rest of their lives. The real danger is the anonymity online. Because a lot of those bullies are cowards. They only do what they do because they can hide behind fake names and their computer. Most of them wouldn't have the guts to behave the way they do online in the real world. I think the schools and parents play an important role in talking about these issues (perhaps role playing could be helpful) and in monitoring kids online. Unfortunately there are also many ADULTS who bully online. That's even more disturbing as they should be the ones giving a good example.

  8. Love. Media literacy is a big part of it. Often times we (parents) scoff off "kids being kids" when really there could be a problem there. Great piece. Dig your heart 👊

  9. I agree … its time to take a stand… Loved the subject matter … sooo relevant … I also love your channel intro … I'm a newbie and thinking about starting a channel …I'm in the process of doing some research regarding the "how to" …. may I ask what program you used to get the effect that has three of you in one shot? I love that …. really unique compared to what I've seen thus far…

  10. I don’t agree that the way to handle bullies & trolls is to just “develop a thicker skin”. I think that’s easier said than done. What do you say to a kid, for example, that will make them okay with hearing sh***y comments on a daily basis? I don’t think it builds character. I think it has the potential to make a person angry, resentful, depressed and even hateful. None of which are positive qualities. I do, however, agree with Sean’s comment about how “internet never forgets” and I’ll just say, as an employer, I use the internet to check out potential candidates. Like me, I’m guessing there’s very few companies out there that would knowingly welcome a cyber-bully or internet troll into their place of business. I think the more awareness people have about how online behavior can follow and haunt them, perhaps the more likely people will rethink their online behavior.

  11. I am saddened by the "Victims need to develop thick skin" comments. Anyone who has children will understand the complexities of online behavior and know that it is not as simple as "just turn off the computer". Online life IS the real world today.

    Telling victims to "not be so sensitive" is a very disturbing message that condones bullying and allows it to flourish. Solutions to bullying MUST be targeted at the bullies and their anti-social behavior, not the victims. Building and participating in safe online communities with people who share similar interests is a start.

  12. These videos are the issue, people keep repeating the same thing over and over again and don't realize that bullying WILL NEVER END! Telling someone to stop won't even help, this is the Internet. Just turn off your damn computer, besides don't forget that we need to get USED TO CRITISM and NEGATIVE COMMENTS! There is people in this world who are bad and we need to teach people to strengthen themselves.
    Teach the kid TO DEAL WITH THE BULLYING, many people have low self esteems so why can't we teach them to have confidence, bullying can even be good sometimes because it teaches a lesson on how to strengthen your character. Combat the bullying, why are we making videos on STOPPING BULLYING when we can make a movement on how TO DEAL WITH BULLYING AND USE IT FOR A POSITIVE! Seriously, Nigahiga was bullied for his height in 6th grade and he used it to build his character and used jokes to stop it. It's about dealing with an issue instead of running from it.

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    every single thing i want to know you have the answer to it….
    Thank you Sunny Lenarduzzi for the content you share… just love it

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