5 thoughts on “John Krasinkski visits the #TwitterHouse at #SXSW 2018”

  1. i have official brand . i have official website and i have copyright for my brand .

    i have everything officially and i found inactive account hasn't tweeted over last 8 years . imagine ! it is inactive account since 2011 and he don't have any tweet , any photo .

    i sent report to twitter on may 2018 . what they answer me ??????!!!!

    we can't give you this username . / they say :


    At this time, we are unable to accommodate individual requests for inactive or suspended @usernames.


    Twitter Support)


    i have official artist brand . and i got shit from twitter .

    i don't have any problem in all social platform. only twitter . they didn't understand me and they don't like to understand .

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