If I report the same news story as someone else, is that duplicate content?


I have a news website. I heard Google doesn’t like duplicate content, but I can’t make up news! What can I do to stay in Google’s favor? John Mueller, Zurich, Switzerland

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3 thoughts on “If I report the same news story as someone else, is that duplicate content?”

  1. Glad that Matt pointed this out. In the end, its still all about adding value. Simply rehashing won't do you any good. Adding something unique or our own twist to the story can definitely go a long way as far as making the user experience better.

  2. This doesn't work for small(er) sites that produce original content and then get picked up by larger sites. We stopped syndicating our content to others because our site appeared after the content aggregators that were publishing our content. Case in point SeekingAlpha.

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