50 thoughts on “IAMA: Ron Paul | reddit’s top ten questions (Part 1 of 5)”

  1. “No concrete evidence for evolution” He says that while he’s sitting on his TAIL-bone. I admire Dr Paul for his views of non intervention and civil liberties, but some of his positions are just crazy.

  2. Some of you forget, Regardless of religious beliefs, he stands his ground on his political principles. Much different than using it as an agenda, you fucks should learn that.

  3. I appreciate Ron Paul having the guts to answer these Reddit questions but he definitely wasn't very well informed on many subjects, and it showed.

  4. I never realized how much he sounded like a private market sponsor until I watched this.
    I used to like him because of his interpretation of the constitution, but looking back it's like he's more interested in keeping the market free & well than he is in keeping the population free & well.

  5. this man is a fool. Im sorry but on net neutrality, religion vs. evolution, and especially on global warming ron is totally wrong. Plus his obsession with the free market is so naive. People like the social safety net, rodes, parks, medicare. The Vast majority of voters are in favor of these programs!!! 

  6. Ron Paul was my favorite politician/ only politician I liked until i saw this…. I already knew we disagreed about some issues, but I cannot handle him saying there is good evidence evolution is true and there is good evidence that it is not. Just a theory?!? The Big Bang was a "pop" out of nothing?? AHHHHHHH!!! it hurts.

  7. +RagingTaipan He answered it in regards to politics. He is correct IMHO.

    We still can't decide if aspirin is really good for you. Every few years they say something totally different.

    If you really want to help on the carbon emissions front lines, then either support research or invent something better yourself. Collapsing our economy is not the answer. An alternative is the solution.

  8. I don't mind politicians nor agreeing with evolution. I do mind the fact that they derive that from a book and they are unwilling to change their opinion. That is a very bad indicator.

  9. How the Earth came into being is NOT Evolution!  Typical Stupid Creationist Not realizing Evolution is Only how life has changed!  It is not about how Planets & Stars form.  That is Cosmology!
    It is not how life began!  That is Bio Genesis!

    Plus using an Argument from Ignorance regarding if we don't know then a Sadistic, Narcissistic, Egomaniacal, Malevolent God did it is so Stupid as to be laughable!

  10. I used to think he was a intelligent guy… he's complete idiot idealist. Thinking that the free market will solve all the problems. You're so misguided and you have brainwashed young people into believing your misguided and idealistic view of the world. Do not portray yourself as some outsider of Washington because you are straight up republican, who is perhaps slightly more forgiving on social views. 

  11. Ron Paul on Global Warming- 'The science is back and forth on this issue', 'Frankly we spent too much time on this issue' Jeez I liked the guy until I stumbled onto this gem, I turned this shit off before he started to say that there are good arguements on both sides of creationism vs evolution. How can a man who seems so well educated on the economy be such a donkey about this shit…

  12. I wish I would have known about both Reddit AND Ron Paul back when this video was posted in 2009… I was 19 at the time and was a TOTAL idiot! Ron is the best human being alive today…. He is the only politician who I have never found a single thing that I disagree with him on.

  13. My question to this guy would be, dude, if you dislike government so much then why are you, or your son part or want to be part of it to begin with???? . Maybe we should just do away with politicians and hire a CEO from the "private market". What a hypocrite 

  14. Paul's statement on evolution here seems fairly defensible – he calls it a theory, but a pretty logical one.

    I'm not saying I agree with him on everything, but I think you've got your priorities backwards if his random opinion on a topic like this that doesn't affect any of his policy suggestions outweighs things like stopping wars and ending the drug war.

    Is fluffing your ego literally more important than stopping wars or throwing people in rape cages for decades?

  15. Well, the minute you start picking and choosing which science you want to believe and which science you don't, you can't really call yourself pro-science, can you?

    I think he would be leagues better than both Obama and Bush, but it still scares me that he can wish away 97% and 99.85% scientific consensus for climate change and evolution, respectively, like it doesn't mean anything.

  16. I don't see how he has an "anti-science agenda", but he does seem somewhat misguided in terms of his views on science, I agree. He doesn't really say that creationists are right either. Even so, I don't see how it would impact his presidency… a lot of other presidents have had funky views too. If you compared him to Gary Johnson, they probably would do the exact same things in office anyway (I happen to like Johnson more, though).

  17. He certain has admirable qualities that other politicians lack, but do you not think its scary to have a man in the white house with such an anti-science agenda? Do you really think someone who believes most, if not all, scientists are politically motivated is going to sign pro-science bills into law? I can't imagine him supporting something that he is so vehemently against.

  18. It's a shame that such a good libertarian has been corrupted by right-wing anti-science. He's a nut, but at least he's a sincere nut. Can't say the same for ~95% of right-wingers.

  19. No matter how much you disagree with his views on evolution or global warming (which seem to be more on the side of "I don't know" than "it doesn't exist"), you are missing the point. The great thing about Ron Paul is that he doesn't let those views get into his politics, and doesn't say that others are wrong. He knows that some of his beliefs are unpopular- why is no one giving him credit for being totally honest? This is why he's loved and respected, not because his personal views are "right".

  20. Science should always be disputed, proved, and defended, with the cycle repeating continuously. Just because a theory is old and well supported does not mean that we should stop treating it with skepticism. Even Newton's "laws" were amended when Einstein came around. The success of science is that it is constantly updated when new discoveries are made. I just wished that people stopped being so god dame cocky about how error-proof science is. It is not healthy.

  21. I don't know why, but I like Ron Paul however I REALLY disagree with him in a lot of areas. The science isn't really back and forth on climate change anymore; most credible scientists are sure of it, however I do agree that it is a waste to be concerned over everything. Climate change should be dealt with but not with fear. I agree that asking people about evolution is just stupid. If people don't believe, fine, I don't care.

  22. That is just a cause/effect situation, or merely an observation. Observations are not proof that something will always happen a certain way. Proof would be describing, scientifically and mathematically what gravity is and how it works.

  23. It has more evidence supporting it. So to be fair.. Science is about what is most likely to be true, not what feels good. It is an objective way to see the world with no agenda or bias except getting to the hard evidence.

  24. Tachyons exist in theory, they aren't even concrete. You could say the exact same thing for the theory of evolution, they're scientific theories that have facts that logically build each other up.

    What's your point? That doesn't disprove light or gravity, which were the central points of my comment before you responded harshly. You're just here to start a fight. At least say something relevant.

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