IAMA: Felicia Day | reddit’s top ten questions

Felicia Day answers the top questions from reddit.com.

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39 thoughts on “IAMA: Felicia Day | reddit’s top ten questions”

  1. why do people dislike her so much? shes so charming and fun, wtf is wrong with people? saying she's not a "real" nerd, really people? REALLY? thats why? I couldn't believe it when i started seeing all this hate online about Felicia, just made me so confused.

  2. She´s no replicant. That was clearly a emotional response at question two. You can see that without a voight-kampff machine. How many skinjobs has J Carson taken out in his career? Probably not that many.

  3. +Felicia Day In reference to your question of a negative that we could turn into a positive…
    I met my wife (an RN) when I was in the USAF during the (First) Gulf War and she was a nurse in Pittsburgh. She had undergone back surgery, but (because of an episode of the Joan Rivers Show she saw) decided to reach out and write a letter "To Any Soldier." I was stationed in Saudi Arabia and got her letter and replied, and a little less than a year later, we wed. So she turned a negative (back surgery) into a positive.
    Then, the very week we were married, I got sick. It's good I married a nurse, because she tended to me when I was spiking a temperature of 105*F. If not for her, I'd have brain damage or be dead.
    But that was just the beginning.
    Because of our health issues – her back and my Gulf War Syndrome – we both wound up unemployed AT THE SAME TIME! Luckily, I had a little saved away from my discharge (the 'Draw Down' after the war) and she had a little, so we could keep a roof over our heads, even though we couldn't take a hot shower because we didn't have electricity. 
    Those days of being in the dark after sundown we used to play games together. Scrabble. Uno, Canasta, even War (with a regular deck of 52). And we talked.
    July 7th will be our 24th anniversary, and I credit the bonding we did back then to our longevity as a couple.
    By the way, we still play games together. Now we usually play Bananagrams and the D&D Neverwinter MMO, 
    Thanks for asking.
    And I've you loved since you were on Buffy, but back then I didn't know you were such a good singer. Now-a-days I enjoy watching you on TableTalk with Wil Wheaton.
    As he always says, "Play more games!"

  4. What a breath of fresh air it is listening to Felicia here. She says she's long winded at the end, but my experience listening to her here was that she is a brilliant critically thinking, highly conscious person and her calm, organic flow makes for very easy listening.  I don't know what expectation I had of her after watching most shows she's been in, but whatever it was, she far surpassed it in this interview and impressed with her down to earth demeanor.

    Hmm, I might have over analysed this a bit it seems, but my comment is genuine, EEHH, regardless.

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