How to report abuse on Twitter

Twitter has many tools to protect you from abuse. If it happens, it’s now even easier to report it. Learn more here:


12 thoughts on “How to report abuse on Twitter”

  1. Trump is spreading hate by splitting the country with hate talk. Trump is calling people names which may cause a nuclear war. How is this not an issue? Twitter could help to save the country and be the hero by cutting off his account.

  2. Instead of "teaching" how to report an abuse, you should teach YOURSELF some moral. My account @marcelomigbazan was temporarely suspended just because one user asked others to report me. That's not a good way of acting. But there's more. I can't access my Settings to delete my account. As soon as you give my account back I'll delete it. You DON'T deserve to be Americans. You're a SHAME for the United States.

  3. Your ads on iOS are harassing me. Your suggestions of who to follow are harassing me and you letting me know who "liked" (yuck) something is harassing me. What can I do about that? Who is policing you? How can I fight against your ads?

  4. What Twitter really needs to start doing is verifying businesses that are being impersonated! I have a business that was being severely impersonated for 3 months before Twitter FINALLY suspended the account. It says in Twitter rules that accounts that are at risk of impersonation are eligible for verification, yet my business was impersonated to the point of people unfollowing our real account and following the fake one because they were fooled by it. Twitter, what gives?!

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