How to Change the Gravatar Image Size in WordPress

Some site owners may see the size of user’s gravatars and decide they would like to either increase or decrease it’s size. We will show you one method to do that in this video.

look at more info Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

Start by opening the comments.php file in your theme’s folder.

To get to this you would normally want to use FTP or your host’s file manager.

In the comments.php you would want to find the avatar_size code, change the value to what you want it to be, and save your changes.

Should that not change the size of your gravatar then you will want to edit your Style.css.

In the file you are looking for .comment-author which will have code for determining the size that you can change to the size you are wanting.


3 thoughts on “How to Change the Gravatar Image Size in WordPress”

  1. I have recently discovered your channel and it is very helpful to learn new things on WP. Do you have any videos on how to change image sizing for blogs. I have a hard time with my featured images being too big even after I resize them.

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