#HereWeAre: Twitter Panel at CES 2018

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Women in Tech. Today. Tomorrow.

buy viagra online pay with paypal Twitter CMO Leslie Berland leads a #HereWeAre LIVE stream on Twitter discussion with Padmasree Warrior, Kara Swisher, Myrna Soto, Morgan DeBaun, Kimberly Bryant, and Linda Boff at CES 2018.


14 thoughts on “#HereWeAre: Twitter Panel at CES 2018”

  1. What's up with putting down women who "look the same", is that not their personal decision to associate with that company and look the way they do? That's THEIR free expression. You don't care for all women, especially not when women who "look the same" are invalid to you.

    Also of course you jab at Trump, why am I surprised 🙄🙄🙄
    If you want to look professional, and actually BE professional, act like it, stop being childish and making snarky remarks, the pop culture references are really cringy just btw.
    If women want to go into tech, good, let them, but if a girl doesn't want to, and wants to "look the same", she is equally as valid, a woman who wants to be a housewife, that's her choice, why put them down? Unless you're against the free, individual choices of women?

  2. Twitter is a shitty platform. You stinking hypocrite scums allow Muslims to insult others, but when people like me criticize Islam you suspend their accounts.. Fuck you

  3. I have to kill my fucking Twitter Account. I getting a lot of problems with MSI and ASUS and Corsair. I have to report the truth that these NAZI fools is ripping off the customers. I tell the truth and you fucking with my freedom of rights and constitution rights of free speech. I fucking closed the account This is the USA not NAZI GERMANY IN WORLD WAR II and not NORTH KOREA Not CHINA

  4. As a Woman CEO how about STOPPING THE CENSORSHIP ON TWITTER or there WE ARE ALL DOOMED to be ENSLAVED by the EVIL NWO ELITES who USE PEOPLE LIKE TWITTER to achieve their Agenda!

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