22 thoughts on “Flash Tutorial Twinkling Animated Starfield Give Life to Star Shine Scene Easily”

  1. Hi, Can you help: I am trying to locate the flash file? I have purchased an LED dancefloor where it can play gifs etc and I am trying to create a basic twinkle effect with black background and white twinking stars?

  2. For some reason this didn't work for me in flash cs6 I'm wondering why. My image of the stars and background was a png bitmap from photoshop, did that have something to do with it? I mean I still converted it to a movie clip, but nothing else. I did everything you did but for some reason I got no results, and then when I backed out to my scene there was still nothing.

  3. Good one as usual Adam…This way is much easier than the way I'd done it before using a series of static star field panel transitions which made the file bigger and took up way 2 much time. I was wondering how you could animate an occasional shooting star or comet going through.

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