Extend Your Ads with a Phone Number – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Learn about how to extend your ads with a phone number using a call extension!

00:00 Hi everyone, this is AdWords in Under 5 Minutes, and this video will teach you how to set up a call extension to extend your ads with a phone number!
Let’s get started!

00:20 Extensions encourage phone calls to your business by showing your phone number with your ad. And, call extensions are eligible to show up on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets so you can reach potential customers on all devices.

00:34 In addition to displaying your number with your ad, call extensions operate with a clickable call button when appearing on smartphones. When this clickable number appears, users will have the option to click-to-dial to your business directly from the ad, instead of visiting your website.

00:49 And the great thing about call extensions is that they cost the same as the click on your headline would!

00:55 Adding a phone number to your ad makes it easy for people to call you on the go. Our research shows that 70% of mobile searchers use the click to call feature and 47% of mobile searchers say that if a business does not have a phone number associated with their search results, they will be more likely to explore other brands. So having a call extension is a smart way to be competitive and drive more potential customers to your business.

01:21 Now let’s walk through the quick steps to set up a call extension together! First click on the Campaign for which you’d like to extends the ads with a phone number, and then click on the “Ad Extensions” tab in the row of gray tabs.

01:30 Then, on the left hand side, click the “View” button and select “Call Extensions” from the drop down list.
After that, click on the red +Extension button towards the bottom of the page, followed by the gray +New Phone Number button in the large gray box.

01:52 In the pop up window, enter the country for your phone number and then type in your phone number in the white box using the format noted in the example.

02:00 Next in the “Show my ad with” section, select the Google Forwarding Phone number option. All calls will be routed to your business as usual, only we’ll dial a dynamically generated number that allows us to connect that call to your AdWords account and count it as a conversion. This tool allows you to track your return on investment for your AdWords account and you can use automated bidding strategies to increase likelihood of receiving phone calls in the long-term.

02:28 Next, click “Advanced” in blue to expand a great feature of call extensions. Another great benefit of a call extension is the flexibility that it provides. You have the ability to set a “phone schedule” to allow phone calls only when you want.

02:38 So if you want to serve your ads every day a week and 24 hours a day, but you can only receive calls Monday through Friday during business hours, you can set your schedule as such so you aren’t getting calls when you can’t take them. Go ahead and click +Create custom schedule.

02:53 From here you can change the selection for day and for start and end time. You can also click “Add” in blue to add more rows if your availability is different hours of the day on different days.
When you’re done, go ahead and click Save.

03:07 You should now see your phone number listed under “Selected Phone Numbers” in the gray box. Lastly, click Save in the large gray box and your call extension is set up!

03:17 Let’s wrap up with a few tips on getting the most out of call extensions!

03:21 Tip number one: Set up your call extension with a Google Forwarding phone number so that AdWords can count phone calls from your ads as conversions. This is valuable for making sure AdWords is a good investment for your business, but it can also help you optimize your account to focus on receiving calls in the long run. With call conversions set up, you can use automated bidding strategies like Conversion Optimizer and Enhanced cost-per-click to increase your likelihood of receiving calls from users who become your customers.

03:49 Tip number two: It is important to monitor your call data to understand the impact of your call extension. To see details about the phone calls from AdWords, go the Dimensions tab and select Call details from the “View” drop-down. For each call, you’ll find details like start time, end time, status, duration, caller area code, and more for each call to your call extension’s Google forwarding number.

04:13 Tip number three: If your AdWords goal is to drive phone calls to your business, consider creating a Call-Only campaign rather than a Search campaign with a call extension. If you’re interested in learning more about Call-Only campaigns to determine if it’s the right option for your business, go ahead and check out this video right here.


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