Chicago Open Mic Night | LinkedIn

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Open Mic Night is LinkedIn’s distinct networking and recruiting event to attract diverse talent around the country. Complete with an MC, live DJ, and musical performances, among other surprises, it’s a way for employees and attendees to come together as their authentic selves and create an environment where everyone truly belongs. For more information, visit:


3 thoughts on “Chicago Open Mic Night | LinkedIn”

  1. buy Quetiapine where I love this! Wish I knew about it. I would have loved to attend & participate in this event. I am a singer/performer/writer. I'm also an Awesome Professional Administrative Assistant level 3.

    I was signed up to LinkedIn years ago but I didn't understand it. I closed out my account and did not think anything else about it. Until recently in trying to enter a job program, that I found out more about LinkedIn. I'm still learning… To see something like this takes it to a whole new level for me.

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