Behind the Scenes: Reddit’s New Mobile App

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Download the app here!:

find out this here Hear from the team that took Reddit from desktop to the app store with Reddit’s new official app for iPhone and Android.


32 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Reddit’s New Mobile App”

  1. Why are they focusing on the Apple version so much? The android version still has a back button on the top and isnt perfectly modern or material to androids higher standards

  2. I have the app but sometimes it wont let me post crap. When I try posting something a message comes up saying you can only post a text post on this subreddit and I am doing a text post. Does anyone know if it's a glitch?

  3. "This item isn't available in your country"

    As well as YouTube Music, as well as Hulu, as well as tons of different things. The big corporations shit on everyone who is not living in the "land of freedom". I'm sick of living in europe! I fucking hate this place. Am I not worth your precious product?!

  4. Goddammit redditors, I paused at 2:27 because I caught a glimpse of "First person Daredevil game announced." And I thought I'd suffered the worst of the April fools jokes with /r/joinrobin

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