Ajax Framework Tutorial JavaScript Module Programming PHP Script Included

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Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/JavaScript/Ajax-Framework-Tutorial-Custom-Module-Programming
Learn to create the most lightweight Ajax external JavaScript module in the Universe. If you are able it is better to create script modules as opposed to bloating your applications with hefty Frameworks.


33 thoughts on “Ajax Framework Tutorial JavaScript Module Programming PHP Script Included”

  1. I am so amazed at how simple you make these concepts. You explain the why behind everything and really put the viewer in a tremendous learning state. I never understood Ajax in such a simplistic form before. You are an unbelievable instructor. I am very thankful for these videos you are putting out and the instruction behind them. Great, Great, Great Job!!!!

  2. Light-weight hehe yeah…I did a full XHR abstraction and, oh my goodness, the testing I had to do the ensure it didn't blow up on some obscure browser was insane. That said, good work … hoping you'll get in to the various ActiveX checks you need to do and onerror, set headers, etc., on subsequent posts.

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