49 thoughts on “A New Look For Twitter Conversations”

  1. I really dont get twitter. I've used it many times but could not understand it. Just like facebook, you sub to a channel and when the channel says something, it pops up onto your homepage. And all the tweets are short and doesn't make sense. And where are the photos and videos? All I get is spam of people that I did not subscribe. I just dont get it. haha.

  2. I'm gonna humor your laughable comment here and go out on a lim with the presumption that I am indeed a troll.

    Now, by that logic, you have not only replied to my "trolling" comment but you have also given me an emotional response in the form of multiple swears as you state the obvious. So by your own logic, you just fucked yourself in the ass.

    Good job kid. We're done here.

  3. If you were better educated, you would make valid points, but you are not and do not. the beautiful thing about english, is that it is understood any way you speak it (e.g. Yoda), i write in conversational english. you speak horseshit and sputter out nonsensical blather. do yourself a favor by reading a fucking book. good day sir.

  4. If you wrote english better I would've bothered to actually read passed "3ds has an age limit of 7 due to the fact…" because that doesn't make any sense.

  5. umm, no. 3ds has an age limit of 7 due to the fact that 3D can hurt the eyes of younger people. the clamshell has been removed so it is less prone to breakage, since these idea were removed from it, it costs alot less, therefore is able to retail for less. with that being said, if it was broken, it would be much cheaper to replace. even the commercial for it directly from nintendo has 5 year olds in it. Learn your facts before making your little "joke" comments. and we werent talking about DS

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  8. This literally does nothing other than clog up the timeline with the same conversations again and again. Please get rid of it or allow users to disable it.

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