Which ranking signals do SEOs worry about too much?

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What ranking signals would you say SEOs worry about too much? What ranking signals should SEOs should focus on the most. Bonus points if you can answer in concise bullets and without using the word quality. 😉 Scared of Clowns, Seattle, WA

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20 thoughts on “Which ranking signals do SEOs worry about too much?”

  1. For the newbies who are conscious about the keyword density, using 1% should be perfectly fine. That way, Google will still know what the article is about and you don't get to mention the keywords as often to the point where it no longer sounds normal.

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  3. Because putting up amazing content on sites which have zero SEO is likely to bring you 0% Return on your investment. Link building has higher ROI. Only a newbie marketer or a blog owner can state that "content is the key". E-commerce site, corporate sites, business owners sites are the ones that have most need for SEO. With them you have limited ability to post engaging content. Have you ever read amazing content on Amazon.com ? Don't think so.

  4. Correct, you don't need to think about "keyword density" .. to Matt's point. However putting keywords in the exact right places (per document/URL) is actually the crux of SEO best practices. That's different than "keyword density, a topic Matt is emphasizing. You don't need to say "SEO, SEO, SEO" x number of times within any HTML tag. But, you'd better say it at least once, within the big HTML containers: Title, Meta Description, Page Header, Body Content, Anchor Text = AHREFs. All the best…

  5. My competitors in the top 5 SERP positions have the obvious keyword phrase on their (short) home page 25 – 30 times with another 30+ related keyword phrases repeated numerous times too. You cannot read it out loud .. it is garbage.

    Yet Google continues to give them top ranking ……

    So I must doubt Matt when he says density doesn't matter. I believe Google has that as an aspiration, but at present my research shows keyword density matters very much.

  6. Bouce Rate is not that important on itself. It's more about what people do AFTER they bounce. For example, if your page responds the query efectively, people might bounce and close Google, which Google will see as "query responded, page is relevant since the user didn't make another search" (GOOD sign). But if people get back to Google after they bounced off your page, then Google sees that as "That page didn't answer the query so the user went back to check other results". That's a BAD signal..

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