Javascript Capture Keyboard Input Tutorial HTML Application Programming

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In this Javascript and HTML programming lesson you can learn how to build a basic web application that captures keyboard input and allows you to access the properties of keyboard events. This is especially handy for game programming and interactive applications, but the ways you can apply it are completely up to you and your imagination. In the very next video lesson we will expand upon this to show how to add condition logic in order to perform specific tasks in a web application according to specific keys being pressed by the user.


20 thoughts on “Javascript Capture Keyboard Input Tutorial HTML Application Programming”

  1. First I tried not to be a skid and do this is my own way. That didn't work, so I was a skid for a while and copied your source code and it still did not do anything. I'm using chrome. WTF.

  2. This "flash building" Channel is fantastic. I awoke early this morning and thought I'd brush up on some things that I don't understand as much as I would like to.
    Not only are there close to 500 tutorial videos in the channel, so far the first 4 I have watched were FANTASTIC!

    All the tutorials I watched were clear, thorough, didn't skip over parts where the creator "assumed" my level of knowledge, to the point and above all, easily understandable!

  3. @tukoart Go to Adams channel, and type "Email" you should find something like "Email Bulk mailing", or something. Watch that series. But your problem is, that you're using "TEXT" mode, not "HTML" mode.

  4. Yo Adam! You are the bestest. Can you please do a tut on how to force an auto (time expired) logout from your social network? If a person is logged on and become inactive for 30 minutes they are auto logged out and are prompted they're session has expired. Thanks babe!!!

  5. @tukoart Yes, just make a website page, on how you want the email to look. Put all the CSS so it's INTERNAL, in the file. & then send it using Hotmail, Gmail etc.

  6. u know what i have not found a way to send emails in html like the email marketing… is there a way of doing this with out depending of this marketing plan for simple client notifications???

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