Intern Hack Day 2016 – Discover New Frontiers

On Friday, July 15th, and Saturday, July 16th, 2016, LinkedIn hosted the 6th Annual Intern Hackday at the Mountain View Campus. VP of Engineering, Erran Berger kicked off the event by talking about his experience in the tech industry and giving thoughtful tips to the interns before they began a night full of hacking. At 7:30pm the hacking began! Eighteen and a half hours and many energy drinks later, the interns submitted their hacks for the preliminary judges. After the first round of judging, 11 teams moved on to the final round to be judged by Erica Lockheimer, Dylan Field, and Pooja Sankar. The top 3 winners were Team Interns for a Cause with Crowd Compute, Gold Team with PolitiHack, and Team Swish with Hype.


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