How to Be a Successful YouTuber (THINK LIKE OPRAH!!)

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HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBER // THINK LIKE OPRAH! // 6 KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM OPRAH TO BUILD YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL / You want to succeed on YouTube? Think like Oprah! Well, it’s no secret, I love Oprah. I ran home every single day to watch the Oprah Winfrey show at 4PM and it hit me recently – Oprah taught me everything I know about succeeding on YouTube! And it makes sense, the woman had the most successful talk show in history and she’s built a thriving multi-media empre with OWN, O Magazine, Super Soul Sunday and the list goes on.

web So, what can you and I learn from Oprah in building our own thriving channel? I’ve got 6 takeaways that will take you from unknown to worldwide viewership, aka Oprah status.




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26 thoughts on “How to Be a Successful YouTuber (THINK LIKE OPRAH!!)”

  1. Thanks, Sunny for your continuous motivational content. Whenever I hit a rut, I return to your channel to re-spark my passion for what I am doing. It is a slow but glorious process being your own boss <3 I love the idea of not being "lucky" but rather "being prepared for the moment of opportunity"

  2. The biggest takeaway for me is and stays the importance of keeping my emotions in check to make sure that I don't let small stuff get to me and more importantly that I am more resourceful when being emotionally free. That is why I made my channel about inspirational and motivational videos mostly around how we can use our emotions to support us.

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  4. My dad is one of my mentors and he has been promoting to be my own boss for years but I never got his vision until now. Now, I am being a sponge by learning as much as I can on how I can be my own boss. And I believe by doing so, God will step in and bless the work of our hands :). Thank you for your heart, Sunny. Much love from This Big House!

  5. one of my biggest inspirations was Greg Plitt , and my biggest take-way from watching his speeches was about fear, and how its self imposed, meaning it doesn't exist, and that living in your comfort zone is a danger zone

  6. Getting back into YouTube and trying to find my groove again. Thanks for sharing!! This video is awesome 🙂 I always turn to you to keep me learning, and keep me on my toes!

  7. Very helpful for starters like me. This minute I have 53 subscribers after a month and a half of being there. I will take on all your points and see what happens. I really really want to succeed in vlogging and you just made it sound like its attainable

  8. Where did you get the first Oprah clip from, where she says, "It'll do well" and he asks, "And if it doesn't?" her response is "And if it doesn't I will still do well. I will do well because I am not defined by a show…" I'd love a link to that interview. 🙂

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