Do spelling and grammar matter when evaluating content and site quality?

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Do spelling and grammar matter when evaluating content and site quality? Blind Five Year Old, SF, CA

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19 thoughts on “Do spelling and grammar matter when evaluating content and site quality?”

  1. Hello matt, totally agree with the point you’ve made in this video!!! Although spelling & grammar aren’t matter right away for SEO campaign, they do matter for well experience of audiences. Of course, well written content draws more traffic’s attention and more traffic juice leads the Page rank higher.

  2. I see what you mean by the grammar in your comment. Just slow down and re-read what you've written before saving or submitting it, even if you have to read it out loud. It helped a ton for me.

  3. Great question. Matt ruined his truthful answer almost immediately by clouding his answer with dishonest innuendo. I guess he just can't help himself.

    And yes, he flat out lied about Page Rank means. How on earth does this guys still have a job?

  4. Matt,
    As a PhD who has constantly struggled with spelling throughout my entire life and is dictating this to you now. I feel that you make a very valid point in that essentially spelling and grammar is simply an arithmetic when it comes to algorithms. However I am doomed to having to pay someone that has quality grammar and spelling re-read my posts and tell me if there are spelling or grammar issues. This is my personal problem and I understand that Google has to understand the site context.

  5. He just said to observe the Page Rank of two different pages -one with fair language and other with not-so-good text content. Dear Matt, I have seen web pages with 2/3+ PR with just a paragraph or two containing ONLY keywords/phrases! The same webpage would have great number of links manually done by the webmaster and not the real human readers! We all know, how Page Rank is defined has been always enigmatic!

  6. I don't have the best spelling or grammar, but thanks to spell check it has improve lots over time. I can in contact with a person who's spelling was at best very poor and how do you tell them that?. In a case like that I just shut up and say nothing, but I do know what you mean. My spelling or grammar will never be the best but I can improve and I try to.

  7. People should be able to spell if they can create a site. What a disaster it would be if people with non existing spelling abilities operated search engines and dictionaries. Only then would people realize the importance of spelling and grammar. It seems the majority criticizes the english language because they're horrible at spelling and grammar.

  8. You can see this in action if you search for something common in Google's "Shopping" section. Then rank by price; something like RAM or whatever, where you will expect to see a lot of tossed up, fly-by-night ecommerce nightmare pages. Loaded with broken English and even sentences that are just lopped off to fit space. It's like the Lorum Ipsum of English.
    Anyway, well said. As a copywriter and web project manager, I encourage every client to fine-tune their copy, if they are doing it themselves.

  9. This should only matter regarding spelling and grammar, but not level of reading. I have 40% of my traffic coming from international readers so I cannot write at the college level. They wouldn't understand big words.

  10. Sera que naquele notebook esta rodando o Google Chrome OS ou sera apenas um Windows 7 ?

    Em relação ao vídeo, muito bacana, e sim ajudou sim!! muito obrigado!!

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