AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 5: What’s the best online marketing option for you?

When you advertise with AdWords, you’re making a financial investment in your business. Find out what it takes to successfully manage an AdWords account, and learn about other options that could save you time.
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20 thoughts on “AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 5: What’s the best online marketing option for you?”

  1. i have already have camapign going on but as a hobby i started but after so much time i dont know how will i earn money back since i dont have website and already have spent the maximum limit of my budget i thought i i get 3x -5x money for my x investment i thought long term since i make travel videos,road safety and movie spoof of bollywood which requires,time,my money i dont know where i am headed right know without any guide

  2. Hello, I've been trying to get some momentum going on my art prints business with society6 prints. Would adword express work with a third party print site like society6, & Etsy or does it have to be a site that I've made on my own ?

  3. Hi,
    How do you get to be part of the Google partner certified professionals and is there some kind of test to be undergone prior being certified as such? or a specific educational background required? Thanks for your feedback

  4. Hello,

    Is it possible to not include my own personal clicks in the campaign?
    I would like to pay only for clicks or any movement that is not mine (ip address/cookies etc..) ?

    Thank you

  5. In Step 5: What's the best online marketing option for you?
    But where are the options. I did not understand the main point of the video. I think no options are mentioned in the video.


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