48 thoughts on “5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)”

  1. Indeed working on SEO before your site has a value proposition is a common mistake we firstly should make sure to create our product and services more compelling. Great advice!

  2. Interesting vid. YouTube video marketing is now becoming more lucrative than Google and if you want to make a large impact quick theres nothing better.

    It's crazy to think that…

    YouTubers watch 6 billion hours of vids every month.
    YouTubers play 4 billion videos every single day.
    YouTubers upload 300 hours of video every minute.

    Just imagine if you could tap into a small amount of those viewers. Its expected YouTube will very before long surpass Google as the number 1 search engine.

    A great place to get started is with a YouTube marketing course which can have you earning in next to no time. I have a excellent "How To" video on my YouTube channel with links for anyone looking for help.

  3. About that being agile point. How long should the cycle be? So I make a change, how long should I keep that change before I try something else and see if that something else will do better?

  4. Useless tips, value comes from visitors finding your website. There are so many websites out there with informative content but they are no where to be found because of some other websites knows exactly how to put their website in the first page of google search for keywords.

  5. Mistake 1: No value proposition. Why would a user select my site in search results? 0:20
    Mistake 2: Taking a segmented approach isntead of a holistic online strategy 1:30
    Mistake 3: avoid rel="canonical" isntead use: rel="next" and "prev" for paginated content 3:07
    Mistake 4: Following SEO trends 4:48
    Mistake 5: Slow iteration. 6:05

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