Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

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Google changed the search engine market in the ’90s by evaluating a website’s backlinks instead of just the content, like others did. Updates like Panda and Penguin show a shift in importance towards content. Will backlinks lose their importance?

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20 thoughts on “Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?”

  1. Thanks for the video Matt…Quality content, In depth coverage of your topic and quality backlinks is the way forward…Sending quality links to a shallow site with weak content is not enough anymore…Spend time on your content and fulfil the searchers need and you will naturally be rewarded…I always see my traffic naturally increase when I release a quality article…And its not just a boost for a day or 2 –

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  3. I have a bunch of keyword domain names. Lets say I own the domains "Soap", "moisturizer", "skin care", and my company name is "beauty products". On my main page "beauty products", can I make it so my tabs are "soap", "moisturizer", and "skin care" and have them go to those domains when clicked……with the home tab going to "beauty products"? And, then have all the pages look the same with the same tabs so that they all point to each other? So, basically a main page that is comprised of several domain names for every tab. Would this make sense for SEO, is it possible with wordpress, and would it be better than backlinks. Thanks….great videos!

  4. +Matt Cutts  discusses issues around back links and content value in today's terms.

    This is very important from a #FUFISM based marketing perspective, as every social media post that refers to your web site is in effect a back-link to your site. Remeber that when you refer to a page in your site the back link goes deep into your site, as it refers to a specific page, and not the domains home page. 

    Back links to your site that refer to deeper pages in your site, or specific pages in y our blog, carry more SEOVI (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators) than those that point to the naked domain, so do not be afraid to link to your pages from within your social media posts.

  5. Backlinks do not offer any real, credible value in determining authority and trust.  I am surprised that Google does not know that there are millions of shonky, fraudulent links that appear as valid.   Even in my industry I am noticing known frauds commanding the first page in the search engine,  while reputable organizations are nowhere to be found.

    The only factor that should matter is content.  I am glad that Google is learning how to evaluate content a little better.  Hopefully the quality of results will improve.  As it is now,  Google's results have deteriorated dramatically over the years.

    There was a time when I completely forgot about Bing.  Now I am finding myself going over to Bing more and more often in an effort of getting better outcomes.  So I am glad you are finally waking up.

  6. I totally agree that SEO is all about natural language, online conversation in or about a business profile online and it's overall involvement in the dialogue that's happening online!  It could be even better if #SEO  is organized by hashtags and human identifying attributes in my opinion.  +Google Webmasters  +Matt Cutts  yes, yes and yes!

  7. The informative quality content is the FUTURE of #SEO and its importance will keep on increasing day by day on one hand and on the other hand the importance of backlinks will go down. As Google is now in the phase of conversational search that helps Google to understand the real meaning of the content.

  8. It's almost like +Matt Cutts is talking about ranking based on Authors. Almost sounds like AuthorRank. But we know that doesn't exist. Hehe. Good video on the philosophical direction of search. The step after that is anticipating your needs and answering the question before you asked it. Scary, but awesome.

  9. I'm interested in the idea that at some point back-link influence may not exist, or at least have little impact. (Something I predicted on FaceBook quite a while ago). But my feeling is that Google will end up just evaluating on page content.(Talk about full circle) But I note you have this idea of 'experts copy' as a ranking factor. (I.e. an expert in their field having more natural weight). Is there any information how Google would understand who is  an 'expert' ? 

  10. Thanks Matt this is a really helpful video and I really like where you guys are going with search as this will make it so much easier for those who are doing things correctly and providing useful content to their readers get the exposure they deserve as well as help cut down on spam sites out ranking these gems sites that we are searching.

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