What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking explained in 1 minute by David Arnoux, co-founder and head of growth at Growth Tribe.

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Hey, everybody! My name is David from Growth Tribe and today I wanna talk to you about a little term called Growth Hacking.

Now, what exactly is Growth Hacking? Well, basically put, it’s a mix of a number of things.

It’s a mix of product, tech, analytics and creative marketing. And all of these things put together really create the secret weapon to growing faster than your competition.

Now, why is Growth Hacking Important?

Well it’s important because traditional marketing channels are becoming extremely expensive and saturated.

It’s also important because there’s basically a hundred and ten million developers out there all building cool stuff and all trying to
grab attention of the same pool of customers.

Now, a growth hacker is what we call a T-shaped player and at Growth Tribe we train people on the skills to become these T-shaped players.

We teach them the 2% of Analytics, CRO, A/B
testing, Behavioral Psychology, Marketing Channels, Statistics, you-name-it, that they need to become the next breed of unicorn growth hackers.

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