The Tools & Tactics Picnic Uses For Exponential Growth..

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About the talk:
Let’s Take a Look Under the Hood of…Picnic!

Picnic launched in September 2015 and became the online market leader within 3 months in every city they opened.

Want to find out which growth hacking tools, growth hacking tactics and processes they used to grow at this insane rate? Join us while we ‘Take a Look Under the Hood of…Picnic!’

Siebe Nooij, Head of Product and Growth, showcases the stack Picnic uses to execute, analyze and uplift their marketing activities.

Picnic launched in September 2015 and is now the online market leader in 6 municipalities (Almere, Amersfoort, Soest, Leusden, Utrecht and Maarssen). With more cities to be opened in short order.

Siebe will shed light on how this disruptive supermarket with no brand history whatsoever manages to become the online market leader of any city they unlock within 3 months only.

Picnic’s marketing approach doesn’t fully rely on advertisement. The online supermarket’s growth rather comes from a combination of warm human relationships with its customers and from deep actionable insights generated from millions of data points they gather on a daily basis.

On the speaker:
Whilst Picnic was being brought to life, Siebe wore multiple hats and was involved in various parts of the organisation(e.g.: supply chain, service and marketing). Nowadays, he focuses his efforts on product and growth.

Before joining Picnic, Siebe founded both Taniq (robotic production equipment) and Looks (a personal style advice platform). For more on info on Siebe, check out his LinkedIn profile.

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