The Tools & Processes Catawiki Used To Grow 45000% In 4 Years – Harmen Visscher, CMO @ Catawiki

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A look behind the scenes of The Netherlands’ biggest growth quarters!

About the talk:
In the last 4 years, catawiki has grown by a rationally-impossible-to-grasp-percentage of 45,000%.

Most of us won’t even be able to grasp the notion of 45,000% growth.

But serendipity strikes us…Harmen Visscher, the CMO of catawiki, honoured us with some of his valuable time to talk about the Growth frameworks & processes applied at Europe’s fastest growing startup of 2015.

About the speaker:
Harmen Visscher, the man leading catawiki’s growth squad, has been hustling in the online sphere for more than 10 years. Before joining the special object auction house, he led the Marketing department of Traffic4u. An online marketing agency that he helped grow from square one. Traffic4u, with an annual revenue of $5 million, was sold to an American marketing agency in 2014.

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