The Processes For Effective Side Project Marketing by Marc Köhlbrugge, BetaList Founder

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Marketing Through Making

SEO is a marathon, content takes forever, paid advertising is expensive and dangerously addictive…


About the talk:
The days of ‘Mad Men’ Marketing agencies and large hocus-pocus campaigns have looong gone.

We all know that.

But what if Direct Marketing is slowly going into extinction all together?! Marketing is becoming more and more value-focused. Nobody cares about your ‘genius’ campaigns, they care about the value you can create for them.

‘Give, give, give..then, and then only, ask for something in return’ is the new doctrine floating over Marketing. Content has done the honours of introducing us to this doctrine. However, we can take this concept so much further..

Engineered Marketing has ushered in a new era of data and tool-based marketing. Engineered Marketing aka Side-Project Marketing is all about building small tools and resources of high (yet free) value… Attracting customers by taking their needs seriously instead of assuming they’ll fall for your ‘genius’ ad campaigns.

About the speaker:
Marc Köhlbrugge: Serial Entrepreneur. Developer. PR Hacker. Advisor.

Marc Köhlbrugge is the guy who ‘tricked TechCrunch into writing about his startup’ by developing a side-project/ engineered marketing tool now well-known under the name BetaList. What started out as a smart PR hack, developed into the biggest platform for entrepreneurs to show off their startup to an audience of early adopters and get their feedback.

A serial entrepreneur himself and at the source of early stage companies, Marc is an expert on all things bootstrapping, idea validation, MVPs , getting initial traction, pricing and PR hacking.

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