Social Media Examiner TV: Facebook Questions, Wibiya & Social CRM

Welcome to Social Media Examiner TV with your host Mari Smith. Today Mari talks about Facebook Questions and whether it’s a game changer for your business or not.

Plus, she looks at the Wibiya social toolbar and how it can create social buzz for your business. And then, Mari shares insights into three Social CRM tools and how they can have a big impact on your business networking.

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Get More Visibility with Facebook Questions

You may be familiar with LinkedIn Answers and sites like Yahoo Answers, Aardvark, or Quora, which have giant data bases where users go to pose questions and share answers. Now you can ask and answer questions on Facebook too.

Mari Smith shares her some of the downsides of using Facebook Questions and gives insights into how this might be a game changer for businesses.

Wibiya Social Toolbar

When you add the Wibiya social toolbar you install a little bar across the bottom of your website or you blog. The Wibiya social toolbar integrates fully with all of the different social network sites, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Buzz.

The reason why you want to have Wibiya on your site is because the visitors coming to your site can interact; do all of their social media chit chatting and posting without leaving your site. You want this because we live in an attention-based society and the more you can have the attention based on your site the better.

Watch the Wibiya social toolbar in action in the video and learn more about how it can help you build stronger online communities.

Social CRM: The Secret To Building A Strong Network

Mari then talks about Social CRM and how to add social media to your email inbox and why you’d even want to.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been around for a while and there are lots of different platforms that allow you to do it. But what’s new in the market is this whole idea of the Social CRM which pulls in information from all kinds of social profiles like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and MySpace, right into each of your email contacts.

Watch the video to hear Mari review 3 Social CRM tools, Rapportive, Gist and Xobni, and see how easy it is to nurture your important relationships.

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