Pinterest Marketing Edmonton | 3 Traffic Strategies to Make Your Pins Go Viral

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Pinterest Marketing Edmonton | 3 Traffic Strategies to Make Your Pins Go Viral

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You well good morning good morning good morning it is your girl down with Gordon with EECOM – Queen dot-com your e-commerce business coach in marketing success strategist welcome in guys I’m so excited to be here with you today today we’re going to be talking about three success tips to explode those Pinterest results so yesterday – last night and my private Facebook group mastermind group we talked about Pinterest how to set up a basic Pinterest account a business Pinterest account and just five simple steps we roll Bridal and through we got it set up and I also gave some extra tips for optimization and to get some quick results guys so if you miss out on that training I want you to request to join that group be ITIL wife for / EECOM cash or you can search for the econ profit tribe on Facebook and you will find that group okay so some rock star tips were shared last night for how to go ahead and jump start your Pinterest business account it’s not as hard as some people think so guys sometimes I think that we are afraid of the unknown and that stops us from going into new places treading into new places but treading into new places is sometimes what it takes for us to get to the next level right good morning Tami welcome in so like I was telling you guys before these Facebook streets in these waters are getting a little wavy they’re getting a little shaky one of the best ways to overcome it and to just be at peace in your business is to diversify good morning Julia welcome and your business strategies diversifying your business strategies basically don’t put like my mom only say don’t put all your eggs in one basket write them around a little bit so Pinterest is me waters for a lot of people a lot of people don’t really understand how Pinscher it’s worth so that’s kind of like why they don’t tackle it so if you don’t understand how Pinterest works this week we started out over with these things live I talked about why your business needs Pinterest and let me just sum that live up basically your business can’t afford not to use Pinterest there are billions of users over there you don’t have to interact with them you don’t have to do broadcasting you don’t even have to pose you simply click a button and you pin your images to the platform and the images do the talking okay you just have to have really good eye catching images okay and the platform does the rest of the work for you it is a great platform for free traffic guys so you’ve got to get over there and it’s simply awesome I think my comment was lost so I don’t know if Chris is on here but I need her to pin that for me I might have to keep pinning it just putting it in over and over so it’s all good and then yesterday like I said guys we went through the whole setup I went and I basically created a brand new Pinterest account for you guys on my private group last night so like I said look up the income profit tribe get on the inside of there and get that training because I left up the replay so today guys we are going to run through three tips three tips for your ultimate success on Pinterest let’s start with number one the number one tip guys is consistency and it’s just a tip with business anyway right if you’re not going to show up consistently on a daily basis and get into a routine and give something into the platform it’s gonna be hard to get something out very little is required to make it happen over there on Pinterest but you’ve got to put it on your to-do list so that you can show up consistently your consistency is so important and also in my courses coming up which I want it pinned in the car man sits up there guys okay VIP dot li forward slash Pinterest – clinic and the number one I’m going to be taking a group of students into a group coaching session my very first coaching clinic and I’m going to be sharing with you some tips and some secrets how I blew up my Pinterest account some advanced methods so grab your spot is at the early bird price right now only 37 bucks it’s gonna go up next week guys to grab your spot but consistency is key and I’m going to be teaching in that clinic how you can actually automate your Pinterest account so you don’t have to sit there every single day and do it I’m going to be talking to you about automation tools and for those of you my students who did get the Pinterest master class last quarter and you haven’t signed up yet because you’re getting the the clinic for free hint hint y’all need to get y’all fat okay and I put the information in the private group so you guys could upgrade okay so my Pinterest master class students in hand make sure you grab your spot in this clinic okay so consistency is key guys just showing up every day one good way to be consistent if you don’t really want to pay for automation tools and the act to your phone y’all know we all connected to our phones these days and they add to your phone and interact okay you want to be interested in the platforms that you and Julia you want to be interested in those platforms so keep the Apple in your hip and just start penning things that you’re interested in in creating boards on the go I do it on the go and I think that it’s really important to learn to grow a love for the platforms that were on like if you absolutely hate Facebook like you hate how it’s made up you hate that you have to share stuff you hate that you have to pose like it’s just so wet natural for you and you literally hate it I don’t know maybe it’s not the platform for you even with Pinterest it may not be for everybody but if you absolutely hate the platform you can’t stand pinning things you can’t stand scrolling it’s just something you hate and it’s just disgusting to you that maybe it’s not the platform for you pick a social media platform 1 or 2 or 3 diversify that you’re gonna be interested in because what you’re you’re only gonna get out of these platforms what you’re willing to put in these platforms hello so if you don’t show up you don’t enter and you’re not high-fiving anybody you’re not liking any of the content and doing anything but just promoting your stuff you’re not gonna get results so consistency is key guys pinning a little bit everyday put yourself on a pen schedule I’m gonna pin five items a day I’m gonna follow two people a day it could be small I’m gonna pin five items a day for my store I’m gonna pin another five just from other users on Pinterest and I’m gonna follow five people a day and create one board a day and fill that up with ten pins I’m gonna do this every day Monday through Friday Saturday’s I’m not and another little tip I want to give you guys is find out what the peak hours are for pictures go out there the stats are out there I believe it might be a certain time of the evening like between and p.m.

If I’m not mistaken find out when the peak hours are the stats are out there and pinned during those times so that your pins can get the most steam right so get on there where it’s worth it so my first tip back is consistency and then tell Chris gets back on and she can pin my comment I’m gonna post it again and that’s the that’s the oh okay different thanks I think she just came in and fencing thanks Chris so or jameelah whoever did it so um okay so consistency is number one right and intention intention is number two be intentional now as you notice if you follow me for a while I give away a lot of the same tips for business I might repeating myself over and over again Julia said Saturday to 400 you go bunny girl and my comment was not pin Chris can you pin this oh there we go okay so I upended so I could be quiet about that Julian went and Google y’all Saturday she’s given the times come on y’all get your pen and paper thanks love and write it down Saturday what did she say Saturday to the fourth day eight to eleven these are hard times y’all these are hard times to pay you’re commenting in this clinic we’re gonna be talking about the the peak hours and how to automate that process okay this is a training you can’t miss expecially for 37 bucks you’re getting a one on experience with the EECOM cash Queen for 90 minutes 37 bucks and a seven-day support group and a replay who does that okay make sure you grab your spot before I raise the price next week because your business needs this your business needs some some diversity in marketing what is that $37 going to do for me it’s gonna get me some gas in my car I’m going easy on the price so I can get my early birds in and we can rock it out this year no man left behind Julie is still putting those times in there y’all so take a look Negus Pinterest users they like the weekend and they like nighttime because they’re hard-working people and they are big buyers some of my most high ticket clients my highest ticket clients my highest ticket buyers of products come from Pinterest I have over a billion views a day on my boards guys and I think its quality over quantity because I don’t have a thousand boards I know I have under 50 boards but it is quality under quantity it’s the same thing like I teach my Amazon students it’s so funny to me how people will avoid getting a coach and able try to figure it out themselves and cheat the coach and then come back later that’s another story a lot of that’s going on I tell my Amazon I’m students guys it’s so important that you focus on quality over quantity you don’t need 500 listings to succeed you don’t need that a short 50 listings was making me 20k plus per month 50/50 quality over quantity hey Nikki everybody welcome in it’s all about getting yourself as a coach getting in position that you can shadow them and learn the tricks of the trade get in position learn the tips and make it happen for yourself make it happen for yourself right so intention number two is be intentional don’t show up to the platform in mine mostly just be pen and stuff don’t just be mindlessly penning stuff show up with intention and let me give you some tips for that here’s the thing lots of us are limited on time we ain’t got all day to play around in high five on these platforms we need to get that work done when we get on these platforms so when you get on the platform be intentional what do I mean by that don’t just follow any mighty final Penner’s who are actively pitting the type of content that she won’t spread guess what that helps them to do the work for you and for your business get connected with their influencers on Pinterest to get connected with Penner’s who have large followings and lots of boards okay who are pinning the kind of content that your followers like and one it means you me like no way hello get in position be intentional be intentional how else can you be intentional I get it because honestly Pinterest is distracting it is distracting and honestly it’s not so bad that you sometimes I always sleep in because that shows that you like the platform so if you’re just pinning things that you like that’s okay because you also want to be one of those users right cuz Pinterest is gonna send traffic to accounts that are active eBay is the same way hello Julia woohoo belliston well she got the Pinterest board so eBay is the same way who else’s the same way Facebook is the same way guys they’re gonna send traffic see you when you’re more active it’s called algorithms like they’re looking for users that are more active on the platform and that’s who they’re gonna send the most traffic to if you only come into Pinterest to share stuff from your own website you’re not interested you’re not doing much else on the platform you’re only showing that one day a week do you really think that your pins are gonna do well and they’re not okay so intentionally final pinners who are pinning things that your audience would like intentionally by openers who are active they got boards their boards are packed it’s obvious that they have tons of followers because you know what when they see that you followed them or even maybe sent them a message hey I would love if you were following my boards I love your Pinterest account why not right when you do that your pens get seen you didn’t have to do anything so a little tip extra I’m giving out a lot of bonus extra tips that I wasn’t going to share today but what’s helped my Pinterest account to get over a billion views a day and some of my students have seen the insides of my Pinterest account so they know what’s up okay it’s because I collaborate the power of collaboration I connect with Penner’s who got the juice y’all I don’t try to reinvent the wheel and I sign I join lots of route boards and we will talk about that in the training I join lots of rewards and I get lots of steam there are hubs out there that you can join where people are painting each other stuff and it’s just a big Pinterest world out there so you got to get connected that way you don’t have to do all the work we talk about the power of collaboration all the time right these are just basic in the tips I’m giving you our basic business tips that you can apply anywhere to any business they work for every business right the last thing is get in the know get the know-how so many times we try to piece information together and we try to figure it out ourselves when there’s an expert right within our reach for probably panties for probably coffee money that we can just get in the right position to learn I said last night on my training I’m gonna say it again in 2018 this is the year of expansion this is a year of growth no man left behind unless you choose to be left behind so it’s really really really important that you get on the train while it’s fat for you to get on once that train leaves and it starts moving it’s gonna be really really hard for you to get on that train what do I mean by man Pinterest right now to have a business account they allow you to read your analytics do you know how powerful analytics are guys if you don’t know you need to get acquainted your analytics are going to help you and hit your target okay on the bull’s eye because you’re able to read information about what your visitors are doing what are they clicking on what are they interested in what did they want analytics are a quick way to learn what the people want and to capitalize upon their Pinterest gives you an insider view of what people on your Pinterest boards are doing what are they repenting how many visits are coming to your website from Pinterest Pinterest is giving you guys all of that information for free for free every time you pin something from your business your logo is going to go on top of that so they’re basically watermarking your information for free so what am I saying the train has stopped for you to get on for yet another year it’s free to do all of it I want you guys to sign what you’re doing and get on that train before it leaves good morning pastor Charles welcome in get on that train before it gets out of here and leaves you in mochas once you’re in smoke everybody it’s gonna be too late it’s free that’s right Jimmy and look people wait you know how people do they wait until the last minute so I’m saying to you guys that it’s time to get on the Pinterest train what you’re doing why are you not promoting your business why are you not promoting your products when you could get a billion views per day for free what are you doing I’m saying I want you to do this so bad I’ll go with my place to 37 dollars a seat where it’s gonna be open you’re gonna be saying hey Dallas use your voice and ask me questions and a group coaching chatting and get seven days of hands-on support who does that no one I promise you okay because I want you guys to get ahead this year get your business out there get seen you don’t need to depend on one platform you don’t need to pay two dollars thousands of dollars with ads exactly pastor Charles you don’t to train while it’s moving you know the importance of that a lot of people like to wait until the very last minute to take advantage of stuff oh you know what my business gets bigger and I have more time than I’ll use Pinterest then then by then you’re gonna be sitting up complaining that you wish you had jumped on a long time ago get on things when it’s hot don’t wait for the steam to run out and now you want to get on the train nothing is promised to you tomorrow isn’t even promised to you tomorrow Pinterest could be dead hello look at some of these coins and stuff that we’re investing in and how some of them have quickly lose their value nothing stays around forever when it’s time to move move don’t ask questions get it done get the job done so those are the three tips guys I wanted to share with you today number one consistency show up every day even if it is small actions just take small actions consistently every single day and you will see a difference in your life and your business number two is intention be intentional just don’t be showing up on platforms just doing stuff to be doing stuff have a reason to your rhyme okay why am i following this person I am and these tips they go across all platforms seriously even Facebook I stopped accepting friendships from people who don’t have profile pictures or who have all pictures of the land and seeds and all they’re doing is is it’s spamming their page with links I’m not friending nobody like that you know why because nine times out of ten they’re not gonna end up in my tribe they’re not gonna end up being any any assistance to me because they’re afraid to show their face I can’t engage with somebody like that so I stopped accepting friend requests from people like that I started accepting firm requests from people that I thought we could connect with that we could grow that we could actually collaborate and build a relationship with I started I started being more intentional that’s why I passed a child some of these profiles are crazy and we wondering why when we post something we get two likes I want you to go and look at you’re friends with who are you befriending be intentional who over on Pinterest like to stay on point who are we following you can find somebody that got one pin and you wonder why nobody finds you back they’re not watching their notifications they’re not interacting on the platform by following people just to be fine when people stop friending people just to be friending people stop attending everybody stuff just to be attending everybody stuff be intentional and I promise you your life and your business will grow okay number three is get to know how the link is below I don’t even need to sell you one $37 guys I need to see your face up in this group coaching clinic so you can get your business on the mat but for the Pinterest train leaves and you left into smoke since that is that simple I need to see you guys up in here so the link is below Pinterest it’s bi TI l y4 slash Pinterest – clinic one the number one the clinic is kicking off on January 27th the morning of my mama’s birthday okay it’s gonna be for 90 minutes 7 day support group replays are going up to $67 the end of next week and all you’re getting is a replay you’re not getting no support group you’re not even gonna be face to face with me in a group coaching setting and be able to talk with me and that’s the hash it out and that’s to figure out what your issues are with Pinterest okay so guys thank you so much for being here today love each and every one of you be blessed make it happen today be prosperous go forth into your day boldly and expect something great to ask because I promise you it will if you expect it have a wonderful blessed day once again guys thanks faster Chavez econ cash queen dot-com Dallas Gordon your e-commerce business coach and Marchetti let’s do you hear my voice you pick my words I’m sick I’m saying crazy stuff let’s start again I can’t end like this I can’t end tongue-tied like this okay econ cash Queen calm down with Gordon your e-commerce business coach and marketing success strategies if you’ve been struggling with your traffic and sales I’m here to help you to get noticed get traffic and get I am a proud wife I’m a mom preneur of three and I am a success motivator I love you guys have a wonderful blessed day thanks so much for coming out today bye

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