33 thoughts on “JavaScript Storage Interface sessionStorage localStorage Tutorial”

  1. JS still complicated to me, but still consider myself very new. Still, this video helped with a tiny ah-ha moment. Thanks, Adam Khoury.

  2. This is not working, Im doing something very stupid. Im creating a jquery web based mobile app for my university project. It is a property app. What I want to do is have lots of different pages with the same tags and ids, all these different files have a script tag linking to the same javascript file which runs a function on a particular button click and saves the favorites, When I go on the different pages, and click the button and check the console, the data does not append, it simply overwrites between different pages, however it only appends from the same page, why is this happenning?

  3. This is indeed a great tutorial and I love it because it is going to be useful for me. But I followed the tutorial and none of the codes worked. The local and session storage values didn't access the other page. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

  4. Hey Adam would it be practical to create a customer service bot with all the different responses stored in the local storage? I'm trying to create like a lil customer service bot that helps people on my site choose the best service for them. What do you recommend is the best way to go about this?

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