Is it better to have keywords in the URL path or filename?

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It seems that having relevant keywords in URLs is
very helpful. Does Google give higher importance
to keywords in the path vs filename?

Look At This Alex Black, Waterloo, Canada


19 thoughts on “Is it better to have keywords in the URL path or filename?”

  1. I always look at it like this "" would be better, as this means when the user comes to the site, they can see they are in "hammers" or "tools" just by looking at the url.

    Also better for adding more sub-pages and a stronger category such as "hammers" – Now you can add all kinds of hammers or information just based around hammers. . . . But thats just me.

  2. Hey Matt, nice work there. One, trying to communicate your philosophy nicely and second that the videos are just a very good way for the beginners. they can build the solid base and then switch to the written word! less boring this way I reckon.

  3. I read on a blog recently that Matt tweeted about giving less to no priority for keywords in URL… This video is 2 years old… If there are new updates it would be helpful if they are mentioned in the video description…

  4. Matt i am completely last with Google strategy about keyword some search engine rank keyword google not so if i have keyword in my content is google going to heat me or not ??? what is the best thing to do ???

  5. Hmm. So, Matt says Google (yahoo, bing or whoever) doesn't care. Since MOST users won't even notice, this is probably more a case of how it's easiest for you to manage and track the pages within your site.

  6. First Matt should have mentioned two things. 1st ask how diverse is the content on your site? Meaning the file structure could play a great role in segmenting keyword targeting into top-level category pages. 2nd he should also mention keywords closer to the root will have a slightly higher relevancy.

  7. Brilliantly nuanced answer. The keywords can be there in different ways, but hello? The the human factor needs to play in here soon or later or why are you building the site? Thanks for the answer.

  8. Happy to see a question from the area – that being said, good answer as well. Assuming computer continue to grow in speed and as algorithms become more advanced, tending towards doing things to create a more positive or easier user experience seems to be the way to go.

    Sadly people laugh at my over organization / structure of file folders.

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