Influencer Outreach: How to execute Influencer Outreach

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Looking to get your content seen by a bigger audience, but you’re not sure how? // You don’t have to be a massive brand to get recognized by influencers in your space, you just have to have a strategy to get on their radar. THAT is what today’s video is all about. I’m breaking down how to execute influencer outreach AND the exact influencer outreach strategy that has helped me get clients in major online publications and on TV.

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ACTION! Let me know in the comments below the top 3 influencers in your space that you would like to get connected with and why!


37 thoughts on “Influencer Outreach: How to execute Influencer Outreach”

  1. You rank really well for influencer marketing. Bravo! Very helpful information, thanks a bunch! I'm going to use it to help my company grown @yourwebedge. 😀

  2. Sunny! I’ve never seen your videos, but I found this through a search for exactly what you talked about. So valuable I had to subscribe! Thank you!

  3. Wow! I’ve been watching lots of videos on how to build my business and so far yours has been the most comprehensive and helpful! I’m excited to watch and learn more from you! Thank you so so much for your extremely helpful content!🙏

  4. The only thing i agree us that about the niche and engagement but then yours is a very an authentic and stupid way to reach influencers they ain't corporate stressed people like on TV and radio and whatever which you brag about contacting them they're just people with big followings you don't need to interact with their stupid posts and whatever you just make a list of whoever that has 100 K or more followers and good engagement and then elaborate2 lists the First with emails and the second with their profiles if they don't display an email account to be reached just copy and paste the same message we are businessman not attention whores we aint got time for building relationships with fanpage owners

  5. I have only 3200 Subs and got approved yesterday. I have had an Amazon Associate account for a few years but just recently actively promoting it. Channel has already been earning money for about 8 months. I guess the content on your web page/blog and here on Youtube, also make a difference. Thanks for this video. Subscribed and thumbs up!

  6. Hi sunny nice job . I've a new product for The DIY market its to help reduce mess while painting, can you help me in this market 🤔 I'm going to launch product in the end of March / April , so I'm going to subscribe would be nice if I could get your thoughts, have a nice day

  7. Gold, Sunny! When it comes to how to become an influencer, you need to first learn how to connect with other influencers. One of the biggest things I ever did for me and my business. Loving your approach to this 😉

  8. I've been using the engagement calculator on Another YouTuber (Hayden Bowles) said a minimum engagement of 3% for accounts with 50k-100k followers is what he goes by. It's interesting (and surprising) to see what it generates. Does anyone know if there is a calculator for the other social media platforms? Thank you for the fantastic advice Sunny!! 🙂

  9. You have been my biggest influence and inspiration so far. I can't believe how much I've actually accomplished lately! I'm ready to launch my new website, and make videos! I've been practicing lol:) I even just made new channel art and actually uploaded it:) I can't wait to share you with everyone I know! I'm going to put a link on my new website about you, I have quite a few followers on other platforms but it's been such a mess lolol! I can't wait to show you when I get the new site published:) ❤️ you truly are so valuable Sunny!

  10. My version of the list is top sub-cultures to contact. I have not done the extreme research to get a top 3 companies/journalists list. I want to do an episode pilot that is feature film length, to try to get a web/TV series established, to eventually fund the creation of some political activist VR software, and/or a movie in the actual theaters. With that said, I am trying to reach out to (1) The indie film industry, because I think I can contribute a controversial and exciting story to this community (2) cyberpunk fans that are somewhat political, because my genre of using the hypermedia graphics is "pre-cyberpunk" (3) Political junkies/activists/journalists/bloggers, since I am trying to streamline the political process, polarize activism and monopolize on mass information handling, and finally (4) The virtual reality/augmented reality industry, along with the haptics body gear industry, since that technology will be the medium for the activism.

    I'm trying to mix the political world with the computer world, which exist on opposite extremes of the spectrum, so my challenge is to not just find people of generic influence, ones that can appreciate the crossover recipe, and the complexity of a new computer-based form of activism.

  11. Hi i have a little over 2000 followers in Instagram and I keep getting a bunch of shady ass companies contacting me. Shit is ridiculous! I think I'm gonna make a video about it

  12. My Top Three Influencers Are:

    1) Keri Adams (CTV Morning Live) – Her personality is infectious and you can help but take notice of her presence when she's in a room. She still gets excited about the small things (even the best darn carrot cake you've ever had haha), which directly aligns with my brands (@bourgeoispr) beliefs. We believe that every achievement should be celebrated no matter how big or small!

    2) Chef David Hawksworth – Hawksworth…The name has branded itself. Chef David has created an unforgettable EXPERIENCE. Dining at Hawksworth could be compared to watching the symphony. There is an entire team, front and back of house, working together in perfect harmony for the perfect execution of each and every seating. Of all the fine dining restaurants I've experienced, his continues to blow me away each time.

    Last but certainly not least…

    3) YOU (@sunnylenarduzzi) – Sunny I admire your complete transparency, and charismatic personality. And by the comments I've seen in your videos I can tell a lot of people would agree with me! While building my business, one of my biggest values was to be able to give back to other and help them achieve their dreams. You have done this over and over with so many people, from different facets of life. Thats incredible! Being from a small northern town (Yellowknife, NT) and moving to Vancouver, BC it was a big step, but because of influencers like yourself it is possible to persevere and HUSTLE.

    Thanks for all the incredible vids!

  13. Thank you Sunny! Another fabulous video. My top three would be Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte (who I did have the pleasure of photographing ages ago) and of course you. I just have to formulate what I'm going to reach out about. 😉

  14. Love what you said. At the end of the day no one is out of reach with social media. So true!! Pretty amazing what opportunity is available for those who take action.

  15. Destorm Power, Terrence J, and Eric Thomas. Also you! I love your advice, I just have to make an effort to start my videos! I guess I am afraid of failing. But will do so soon! Thanks for what you do!

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