Idea Validation Process & Ecommerce Apps by Nikky Hofland

Nikky Hofland is currently Product Owner @ Revue, personal newsletter tool, having had experience creating e commerce apps and the idea validation process that comes with that. During Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference 207, there was a talk on idea validation & e commerce apps by Nikky Hofland. Use the tactics discussed in this short but informative video to create your own Idea Validation Process for E Commerce Apps.

Nikky Hofland gets her energy from transforming creative ideas into concrete concepts and eventually great products. As a Lean Startup geek at Revue, she uses ”smoke” tests and customer interviews (customer discovery) to validate business ideas. Nikky is a true believer of continuous product development and weekly contact with users. A product is never done!

This talk was given during Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference on May 12th at the Growth Tribe Academy Campus. Growth Marketing Conference had its first continental European event in partnership with the Amsterdam and UK based digital skills training company, Growth Tribe, who also brought the Growth Marketing Conference to London on May 9th . Speakers at the event included Dennis Yu of Blitzmetrics, growth hacking extraordinaire Sujan Patel , SEO expert Clayton Wood and Eric Siu of Single Grain.

Revue is creating a platform that helps people build a personal relationship with their audience through a personal newsletter and that helps readers discover great stories, thoughts and opinions.

Nikky first came across lean startup as an intrapreneur & startup founder within Sanoma’s Innovation Lab, where she was responsible for leading a new digital start up, Swipe & Shop; the Tinder for fashion.

Nikky’s talk on Idea Validation Process & E Commerce Apps was given during Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference at Growth Tribe.

Topics discussed:
Idea Validation
Idea Validation Process
User Generated Content
E commerce Apps
Ecommerce App Development
App Idea Generation

Nikky is a leading expert in Idea Validation Process & E Commerce Apps.

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