How to Predict Churn in World of WarCraft by Jorie Koster Hale – AI Marketing

This talk was held at a community event around A.I. for Marketing and Growth at the Growth Tribe Campus. Jorie Koster-Hale, leading DataIku scientist Jorie Koster-Hale gave us a talk on How to Predict Churn in World of Warcraft – AI Marketing.

Coming from a background in healthcare data, neuroscience and machine learning and data science, Jorie is an award winning researcher and instructor working with the leading collaborative data science platform, Dataiku. In this use case, Jorie analyses how to influence customer retention and how to predict churn by means of predictive analytics.

This video will show you how to predict churn in World of Warcraft by using AI in Marketing / Machine Learning in Marketing. You’ll learn how to calculate churn and how you can influence customer retention.

With a Ph.D in Cognitive neuroscience at MIT and a Postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard under her belt, Jorie is bringing her impressive wealth of knowledge to the campus to talk about how machine learning can predict churn rates!
Jorie will show how you can extract actionable insights from user-logs of approximately 90k World of Warcraft players to analyse and predict churn.
Exciting, right?! *Spoiler alert* – no cheat codes for WoW will be shared.. Sorry!

Topics discussed include:

How to Predict Churn in World of Warcraft
AI Marketing
data science
machine learning in marketing
artificial intelligence in marketing
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Machine learning
how to predict churn
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how to calculate churn
Artificial intelligence marketing
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AI Marketing


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