How to Add Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Are you wanting to properly add keywords to your WordPress site? Meta keywords and descriptions allow you to improve the SEO of your website. We will show you how to properly add meta keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress.

Text version of this tutorial:

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Note: Yoast has removed the setting after this video was created:

For this tutorial we will be recommending you install the Yoast SEO plugin:

Yoast SEO

With the plugin installed and activated you would want to take a look under SEO, Dashobard, Features and enable the Advanced Settings Pages for what we show in this video.

Under Titles & Metas you will go to the Other tab and enable the Use meta keywords tag. This will add a new meta keywords area for you to edit on your posts and pages.

Each keyword should be separated by a comma and don’t use more than ten keywords or phrases.


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